| Review | Elemis Daily Defense Shield SPF 30

| Review | Elemis Daily Defense Shield SPF 30 

I wish this product had arrived a week or two before I posted my Top 5 Moisturizers and Sunscreens because this would have changed it to my top 6! Elemis is one of my favorite skincare brands and they are constantly growing and creating amazing new products. Being the dead of summer right now, I am lathering my self in sun protection especially daily but I hate heavy and greasy sunscreens. They aren't comfortable when it's hot and even worse under makeup. This one isn't only a game-changer for it's texture but for it's protecting benefits! It goes beyond protecting your skin from sunlight but also blue light emitted from devices! Get ready to read all about your new SPF BFF! Thank you Elemis for sending this sunscreen my way! 

The Elemis Daily Defense Shield SPF 30 retails for $60.00 USD and is available at Elemis. By the way, did you know that Elemis is available at Ulta now? This is so awesome because it makes the brand so much more accessible. While they don't carry this product, yet, but they are starting to carry quite an expansive range of Elemis products.

The Daily Defense Shield is packaged in a sleek white tube and it has a pointed tip where the product is dispensed. The product is very light and has a runny liquid texture. It looks almost exactly like a serum because it is so light and liquid. When you apply it to the face it absorbs immediately! I mean immediately, like water. It feels like i didn't apply anything at all to face! It just disappears! Turning from a light white runny liquid into a skin finish. I was actually in total shock after I applied this, it is truly invisible and doesn't interfere with the texture of your skin. 

This is definitely a product you can just apply on its own or mix it into your favorite foundation or other face products because it doesn't affect the texture or finish of your products! Besides the ultra-lightweight texture and the natural finish, this product offers full protection from indoor and outdoor damaging light! If you didn't know, light from electronic devices can also be damaging to your skin and cause mutations to the cells over time. This innovative new formula not only protects your skin from UV rays but the light emitted from devices we use everyday! In fact, many of spend more time in front of computer screens than we do outside. For this reason, we should be sure we are protecting ourselves all day.

I love the texture of this product because it is really lightweight and disappears into the skin! It is really gentle and non-irritating. Plus, it makes a great makeup primer. The product contains Argania Leaf, which offers protection from environmental aggressors that can cause the skin to age. A surprising ingredient is Coconut Oil because it doesn't feel at all heavy or greasy. The Coconut Oil helps hydrate and maintain moisture without feeling heavy or greasy. Finally, Jojoba Oil is another highlighted ingredient in this formula. This oil most closely resembles our skin's natural oils so it is gentle, nourishing, and provides long-lasting hydration.

I have to say this product is a must-have from the Elemis range! It is the sunscreen that everyone has been waiting for because of it's lightweight texture, invisible feel, and all around full protection! I can't rave about this product enough! It is truly a beautiful formula that I think everyone can benefit from using this. We are presented with so many threats of skin damage every day, this product will significantly reduce your chances of damage that would cause signs of aging. 

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