| Review | Dior Backstage Collection Glow Face Palette

| Review | Dior Backstage Collection Glow Face Palette 

I think the most anticipated product from  this collection is this shimmering and glowing cheek palette. It is so incredibly eye-catching, it had people swooning over it since photos were leaked of this collection.

Dior is no exception, this collection contains a massive range of 40 Face & Body Foundation shades, 2 Eye Palettes, 1 Cheek Palette, 1 Contour Palette, 2 Brow Palettes, and 1 Lip Palette; all with super natural shades and finishes! In the past, Dior has released a Backstage Palette but nothing of this caliber has been released from them for their runway collection. According to Dior's Creative Image Director of Dior Makeup, Peter Phillips, this collection is just the basics but there is room for the collection to grow to more extreme shades. I am excited to see what is to come in the future but I appreciate this beautifully crafted collection of makeup staples that anyone can wear! 

The Dior Backstage Collection Glow Face Palette retails for $45.00 USD and is available at Sephora. The entire Backstage Collection is housed in simple plastic cases, not Dior's usual luxury approach but these were meant for makeup artist backstage, so I can see the benefit of having clear cases for easy identification of products and colors. I have also heard it is because they wanted to pour all their quality into the product and keep the price reasonable for consumers. I love Dior products and their packaging, but I have personally had some problems with their Backstage Collection packaging in the past. Remember the Reviver Palettes? (Review here) I had some issues with the hinges of the palette wearing down and breaking very easily. I hope that that does not happen here however, I did notice these appear to be the same hinge style and plastic! Which makes me increasingly concerned that the packaging will break because it is quite flimsy! 

This radiant cheek palette comes with 4 shades (2 highlighters and 2 blushes):

Strobe White - This is a bright white highlighter with a barely-there hint of gold, just to keep it from being too stark. I was worried this shade would have too much gold and in it and look basically like a light gold highlighter but still maintains its white glow. It is quite strong so it may be a bit harsher on deeper skin tones but you can always apply a lighter layer or mix it with the other shades in the palette. In direct sunlight, you can see the tiny flecks of gold but it is very subtle. 

Strobe Gold - This shade looks extremely gold in the pan but on the cheeks it's a much softer gold shade. I see this complimenting most skin tones. 

Blush Pink - This is a shimmering light pink, which even on my medium toned skin feels more like a highlighter than a blush. Plus the texture just feels too shimmery to be used as a blush. I expect fair skin tones this would make a beautiful blush color if you like that level of shine for your blush. 

Blush Bronze - This shade is a very deep bronze shade with a strong copper shine and incredibly pigmented. For a deep skin tone it would make a stunning highlighter! For everyone else, it is a bit of a tricky and quite shimmery blush. I prefer to mix this shade with the lighter shades to create a highlighter for my skin tone. I really love it as an eyeshadow!

All 4 shades have the shade baked gel-powder formula and shimmering finish. I love the formula but I don't love the concept. This palette, in my opinion, doesn't work as a blush & highlight palette, it's just too shimmery! What I mean is you can use these as your sole face products, combining the a blush and highlighter that has the same intensity of shine is just overload and doesn't look as cute as you would expect. I think you really have to use either the blush or the highlighter, otherwise its kind of an overload of shine and if you have large pores, it will probably be a nightmare. Honestly, I don't like any of the shades as a blush, I much prefer to use them all as highlighters. I often mix some shades together to create my custom highlight shade. They are quite pigmented and very intense with a high level of metallic shine, if I feel like I have overdone my highlight and need to buff it out. I really think this product looks better as you buff it out. It becomes more of a cohesive beam of light and looks less like shimmer but more like a really intense glow. If you have large pores or any kind of texture to your skin, I would be very wary about how much you apply and where you apply these products because the shine is very strong. 

To me this is not and cannot be, a blush and highlighter palette! This is exclusively a highlighter palette. All the shades are all very shimmery and metallic, even on youthful and minimally textured skin, I find it very difficult to pull these off as a blush. I really adore the formula and finish of these highlighters! They seem to meld more with the skin throughout the day and the pigmentation is so impressive! That being said, I don't know if these highlighters are necessarily must-haves because they just aren't that unique. For a makeup artist, I can see this being a kit essential because you can truly cover a wide span of skin tones but for the everyday person, it's not as essential to have 4 shades. That being said, I would still highly recommend it if you are looking to purchase something from this collection. The quality is excellent, just be sure to use a light hand because it is so pigmented. 

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