| Look | Summer Siren Makeup Look

| Look | Summer Siren Makeup Look 

I'm not a huge fan of blue eyeshadow but it seems to be making a huge comeback this year, so I thought I would create a fun and bright summer look using some blues. I have been seeing make blue and green palettes coming out for summer, like the Dior Cool Wave Palette and the Colourpop Mar Palette. I took a mish-mash of products floating around in my collection to create this look, however there seem to be no lack of options for these colors this year. 

Blue is a challenging eyeshadow to work with and can easily become tacky looking if not blended correctly or paired with the right shades. This is one of those looks that look terrible until the very end. It is really one that you feel regret as you continue to pack on colors but trust me, as you begin to blend it will get better. The key is just confidence and commitment, you have to commit to doing the blue look. Don't let it intimate you! Trust me, I understand, which is why I never wear blue eyeshadow!


Start with your eyes first! This only going to get messier and there's nothing more difficult than trying to disguise blue eyeshadow fallout underneath your eyes. I started with a tinted primer because I wanted to ensure the colors would really pop and standout. I used the primer from my Dior Backstage Palette (review here) because it was the only tinted primer I had. However, you can always use some concealer and powder over the eyelids to get a similar effect. 

I took the shimmering aqua shade from my NYX Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette in Electric on a flat shadow brush and applied this to the inner third of my eye. I patted most of the pigment on my lid and when there is not as much shadow on the brush, I start to pat upwards to blend. Start conservatively and go back in later to create more of a blown our shape.

Using the other side of my flat shadow brush, I then took my Coloupop Pressed Eyeshadow in Two Piece  and patted this on the center third of my eye and blending a bit into the outer parts of my eye. Again, the same technique is key. Don't bring the color up too far, just pat the majority of the color on the lid and blend upwards. Use the other side with the remaining aqua shade to blend the transition between the to colors. 

I then took the deepest navy blue shade in my Tom Ford Starry Night Palette (DC) and with another flat shadow brush I patted this on to the last third of my eye, blending it into the Colourpop Two Piece shade. I also took a blending brush to blend the edges upward. I continued to layer until I achieved the intensity I wanted. 

I then went back in with the other shades to intensify and bring the colors a bit higher, also to ensure there is a seamless transition between my shades. Then with the sky blue medium shimmer shade from my NYX Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette in Electric on a fluffy blending brush, I took a little bit and blended the edges of the entire look, up towards the brow. This really helps fix any uneven areas and helps transition the bright colors to the brow bone. This shade also helps the overall look, look more cohesive and complex. 

Don't be afraid to keep going back to the other shades if you need to intensify or fix any transitions between the shades.

NYX Sky Blue (middle), Tom Ford Starry Night (darkest shade), Colourpop Two Piece, NYX Seafoam Green (bottom shade)
NYX Sky Blue (middle), Tom Ford Starry Night (darkest shade), Colourpop Two Piece, NYX Seafoam Green (bottom shade)


I then go in with some micellar water to clean up any fallout and clean up the edge of my shadow look. Then I went in with my base before finishing the eyes. I used the By Terry Cover Expert because I wanted a full coverage foundation, so any discoloration or imperfections won't distract from the eye look.

For concealer, I used the NYX HD Studio Concealer, which has a great coverage and helps brighten up my under eyes and the center of my face.

At this point I was desperate to get some brows on and I wanted my base to have time to meld into my skin, so I filled my brows in with the Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer. Then I powdered my face with the Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder. This helps mattify and blur my complexion.

To enhance and bring out my features again, I took my Tom Ford The Ultimate Bronzer in Terra and sculpted my face. Then I went in and finished my eye makeup with mimicking the same shadow placement below my lashline. I added the Avon True Color Glimmerstick Eye Liner in Starry Night Blue, a deep navy blue shade, into my waterline and upper tightline. Then threw on pair of cheap lashes from Diaso, they're nice for playing around with but they aren't the best quality lashes. I actually wish I had gone for a bigger set of lashes because I think the ones I used got lost in the eye look.

To finish my look. I highlighted the high point of my face with the RODIN olio lusso Siren Luxury Powder Highlighter (review here) and finally, a touch of blush with NARS Madly Blush, a soft bronze-sandy pink shade. I didn't want to add too much color to my face.


For lips, I wanted something pale and nude. I went with the Hourglass Confessions Lipstick in One Day.


That's the final look! A bold and blue look for summer! This is very much out of my comfort zone but after I was finished with the look, I was very pleased with the overall effect! The eyes are so fun and the colors are mesmerizing. My only regret is not using a bigger pair of lashes, my lashes got a little lost in the intensity of this look.

Would you rock this look? Let me know below or chat with me on Instagram! Happy Summer!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love this look!!! Amazing technique and very siren like!!

    1. Awww...Thank you, beautiful Lyna! You are the sweetest! I don't look as good in blue as you do!