| Review | Wander Beauty Catch The Light Highlighter & Glotion Duo

| Review | Wander Beauty Catch The Light Highlighter & Glotion Duo

I can't get enough glow and I'm pretty sure Wander Beauty feels the same way because this duo is all glow, two ways! Well, actually you can really use this duo in multiple ways! Wander Beauty is all about multi-tasking and minimal makeup, which I adore! Makeup application in reality for most people is a limited time every morning to look polished and put together, so having a product that does double-duty is amazing. Whether your're constantly on-the-go, a mom, a student, or just about anybody, you need to get your look together quickly and get on with your day. I was very fortunate to win Wander Beauty's birthday giveaway and I received this product in my prize pack.

The Wander Beauty Catch The Light Highlighter & Glotion Duo retails for $34.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. The products are packaged conveniently in an easy-to-squeeze tube and the cap contains the cream highlighter! So innovative and convenient having everything packaged together! 

The liquid highlighter or Glotion comes out of the tube a light bronze shade with golden shimmer but it sheers out quite a bit, to a soft golden peach shimmer. The shimmers are very fine ad create a soft focused but luminous glow for all over the face or can be concentrated for targeted highlighting. The texture is a very light gel that feels quite moisturizing when placed all over the face but isn't too greasy or emollient. It absorbs fairly quickly and leaves the face with a noticeable golden glow. It mixes very well with base products because it has such a light gel texture, it doesn't change the texture of your base products. As a targeted highlighter, it is sheer and natural pretty for day when you don't want too much glow. I think the best use of the liquid is all over the face as a primer or mixed into bases, considering it is a Glotion. 

The cream highlighter is a little nib in the cap of the tube. It is a sheer golden champagne shade that has a glossy sheen. It is quite subtle and a bit glossy. It is reminiscent of the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate Glow Stick Highlighter (review here) but just not as bronze and not nearly as glossy. I love a good glossy highlighter because it creates such a fresh and natural look. There's something about that glossy look that just looks so sexy and incredibly for summer but sometimes you look borderline sweaty, which depending on your skin type could be a bad thing. This one has the perfect consistency and amount of glossiness that can work for all skin types. You don't need much product because it is quite pigmented but it layers very well and can built up for more intensity. The highlighter doesn't feel sticky or too emollient but it still glides onto the skin without disturbing the base underneath. 

 Cream Highlighter
 Glotion Swatched (Heavy) and Cream Highlighter
 Glotion Swatched (Lightly Blended) and Cream Highlighter
 Glotion Swatched (Blended) and Cream Highlighter
 Glotion Swatched (Blended) and Cream Highlighter

This highlighting duo really can be used multiple ways to customize your glow for the day! I love using both products together. The Glotion for underneath or mixed into my foundation then the Cream Highlighter on the high points of my face for some extra glow! But you can also use this product in so many different ways. You can even put the cream highlighter underneath your base for a more subtle glow, use it on the lips or on the eyes for a touch of golden glow! I love the versatility of this product and the compact size, it really is the ultimate multitasking highlighting duo. This is actually something I see myself tossing min my bag to do my makeup on the go. I often find myself with last minute plans or lacking time to get ready and I end up throwing a couple things into my purse to do my makeup on the way to my event. This is the perfect product for that! The shade of both of the products is quite versatile and will compliment most skin tones, I hope to see more shades released because this is really a beautiful product! Paired with their other multi-tasking products, you really only need a handful of product to get a really polished and complete look! I highly recommend you check out this product if you love a little glow-on-the-go!  

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