| Review | The Brush Bar Brush Board, Bar & Bubbly

| Review | The Brush Bar Brush Board, Bar & Bubbly

We all love makeup but the truth is we all hate washing our brushes! Honestly, it's one of the worst chores! I don't like to admit this but when it comes to my personal brushes, I let them go a little too long before cleaning them. I pile them up and its an all day chore that makes me grumpy but I have to do it. Then there's the whole issue with drying them, technically you should hang them upside down so the water drips out but most of us, myself included, just lay the brushes out flat on a towel or something. Sometimes it takes more than a day to dry my brushes! A solution has arrived for easy cleaning and easy drying of your makeup brushes, it's called The Brush Bar. These products were kindly sent to me to review.

All the Boards and Bars some in these cute velvety pouches!

The Brush Bar is actually the name of the company, as well as one of their innovative products! They have created The Brush Board, which retails for $28.00 USD and is available at The Brush Bar. This is a plastic strip with ridges, bumps, and texture to help you wash your brushes and get in deep to remove all the makeup. This is something that I have seen before, as a silicone pad, but I have never used one. This board is considered a "brush exfoliator" and it comes with 6 different textures for your various brushes. All the different textures help you get into brushes of different sizes, shapes, and densities. I often find with my very dense brushes, it is very difficult to get out the makeup that has been pushed deep into the hairs. Additionally, using a cleansing board like this prevents you from washing too aggressively and damaging your brushes. I know I am often a little rough with my foundation brushes because the makeup gets really trapped deep into the bristles. The other advantage of a product like this is that it prevents your hands from getting dirty and prune-y from being run under the water for a long time.

The six different texture is awesome! I never thought that this brush board would be as helpful as it is but it really is a lifesaver! The little bumps and ridges really help get all the makeup trapped deep into the bristles that your hands just aren't capable of getting to! I REALLY love this product! I initially thought it would be very gimmicky but it's actually so helpful and it got my brushes really clean and quickly! I usually find my hands take such a beating when I am washing my brushes from constantly having them under water and covered in soap but with this brush board, I just dump a little soap into the ridges and start buffing my brushes until they're clean! 

The Brush Bar retails for $38.00 USD and is available at The Brush Bar. This is the drying device that has been created so that you can dry your brushes upside-down, preventing water from getting into the ferrule of the brush and corroding the inside, which can lead to early deterioration of your brushes and the hairs to fall out. This is a very smart concept and one that has been long desired in the beauty community. I have lost many brushes overtime, I believe to a combination of aggressive washing and improper drying methods. The other advantage from hanging upside down is that they keep their shape so much better than laying them flat onto a towel.

This product looks like a long sleek black case with a rubbery soft feel on the outside, reminiscent of NARS packaging. When you open the case, inside are these little dangling metal clips meant for attaching the handle of your brushes to for drying them. These clips unfortunately don't work for all brush shapes because they have a curve to them, they are best with brushes with a more rounded barrel and ferrule but if you look at some of the more stylistic modern brushes, they have weird shapes and if the handle tapers to a tip, they will just slip out. However, MOST brushes fit in these clips! The clips are made with some thin metal wire and are quite flexible. I was able to fit some pretty large handled brushes into it. This drying method is excellent, I just think I'm going to need like 5 more of these to hand all my brushes at one time, considering I'm not great at washing my brushes weekly. Hanging them upside down unfortunately doesn't decrease dry time with the brushes, many of my very dense and full brushes still needed the same amount of time to dry. 

They also have their own soap or cleanser for brushes called The Brush Bubbly which retails for $18.00 USD and is available at The Brush Bar. This liquid cleanser is quite runny and watery in texture and you don't need much to cleanse your brushes. It is a great cleanser that seems to really breakdown product and cleanse the brushes very well. It does foam up a bit, like traditional soap but because the consistency is so watery, I find it works best for smaller or denser brushes. My large fluffy powder brushes tend to eat up the product and require a lot more to get the job done. Obviously this is optional, it is nice to have but you can use any other shampoo or liquid soap with The Brush Board. 

Removes lipstick from a lip brush so well!

It's amazing how long the beauty industry took to figure out how to create a washboard and clothesline for your brushes but thank goodness they finally did! These are the kind of product that your don't think you need until you actually have them and use them. For me, there is so much value in properly caring for your brushes, they last longer and perform better. Brushes are extremely expensive and if you care for them properly, they can last you for years! I feel like the must-have for me is The Brush Board because it has made my life so much easier and cleansing brushes significantly more enjoyable! It really does help you clean them better and faster, so I am actually very happy about this product. I love The Brush Bar as well but I just wish it was larger or I had more of them, I just have so many brushes to wash and hang. I think its a great product, my only very tiny gripe with it is that it doesn't work for all my brushes but I also understand that I have some unusually shaped brushes. I think I will need to invest in this The Brush Bar Pro Pack with 5 Brush Bars included, this should be enough to dry all my brushes now. If I'm being honest, I don't think The Brush Bubbly is necessary, it is nice but not necessary. I would recommend the classic Makeup Brush Care Pack which comes with one of everything I spoke about in this review. I promise these products will really change your makeup cleansing game and make it less of an exhausting chore!