| Review | Louboutin Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil in Rouge Louboutin

| Review | Louboutin Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil in Rouge Louboutin

While I'm not a crazy fan of lip oils, I am a crazy fan of Louboutin packaging and lip products. So guiltily, I picked up the beautifully packaged lip oil in hopes that the formula will have me head over heels in love.  

The Louboutin Loubibelle Lip Beauty Oil in Rouge Louboutin retails for $70.00 USD and is available at Nordstrom, Sephora and other retailers. There's no denying that the price of the Louboutin Beaute range is painfully expensive but there's also no denying that they kill it with their packaging! This lip oil is stunningly packaged in their iconic clear plastic or acrylic lacquer tube (see full review on the Loubi Lacquers here), except this time it has a gradient from clear to black at the point! The ombre packaging is so stunning, edgy, and chic! I'm so obsessed with their packaging! Like all Louboutin Beaute products, they have some weight to them and feel significant when you are holding the product. The are really the gold standard and epitome of luxury beauty! With a hefty cost, you would expect them to be. 


The lip oil is in the Louboutin iconic and classic red shade. I don't own any of the other lip formulas in the Rouge Louboutin because I'm not a big red lip person, so I am excited to finally own something in the iconic red shade and because it is an oil, it runs on the sheer side making it much more wearable for me. The oil is quite sheer, leaving a light red-pink tint to the lips. The red shade is leans cool with a pink undertone. The shade seems to be picking up much more pink in pictures however it does lean more red on the lips but it is very sheer and blends in with you natural lip color. The oil does leave a very faint stain to the lips but most of the color is suspended in the oil. So don't expect much color after the product has worn off. I actually really love the natural flush it leaves my lips, it looks like a "my lips but better" (MLBB) kind of shade and it's very flattering! It kind of reminds me of the color I get with the pH detecting lip colors that develops differently on each person. It a very natural and fresh lip color! 


The formula is not greasy and not too slippery. It has a gel-oil consistency. It feels smooth and light on the lips. I wouldn't say it's hydrating at all but it is almost like a light oil-infused gloss. It feels good on the lips, it's non-drying, and non-sticky with a light tint of color. The formula, as you can imagine, doesn't last very long. I would estimate it from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on if you're eating, drinking, talking, or pressing your lips together. Honestly, I don't really get the purpose of tinted lip oils, they seem to severely lack hydration despite being an oil and don't provide long lasting color. It is also important to note that this lip product has a light floral fragrance that is typical of Louboutin lip products but it doesn't seem to linger is be as strong as the lacquers. You can read my review on their lacquers here.


Overall, I actually like this product. I think the hint of color is beautiful and fresh for everyday wear. The packaging, of course is stunning and luxurious! Is it worth it though? No, it's a VERY expensive sheer lip color that doesn't provide any hydrating benefits. This is my feeling towards all tinted lip oils in general. I just feel like they're highly overrated and the concept is much more enticing than the actual execution. I love the idea of a tinted lip oil but in practice they are sheer, not hydrating, and not long-lasting. I will be keeping this one but if I'm being honest, its 90% because of packaging and 10% because of the color because the formula leaves much to be desired. 

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