| Review | Marin Bee Lip Repair

| Review | Marin Bee Lip Repair 

This is the season for dry and chapped lips. The weather is changing and cold weather is really not working with anyone's skin, especially our lips. I am a lip balm addict, I can't help purchasing a new one, despite have a fairly large collection. The difficult part is finding a balm that doesn't have nasty ingredients that actually make your lips feel even drier. This is why I am so thankful that the team at Marin Bee contacted me about trying their all natural Lip Repair. 

The Marin Bee brand has a beautiful and inspirational story of sustainability and social responsibility. The owners Debra and Bill Tomaszewski wanted to bring awareness to the the worldwide die-off of honey bees due to Colony Collapse Disorder and other environmental factors. As many of you know, honey bees are a pivotal part of our environment and and our existence. Debra and Bill began teaching beekeeping classes and educating others about protecting the bee population. Through popular demand for these classes, the began a non-profit organization called Planet Bee Foundation. This foundation offers free and low-cost educational programs on beekeeping and environmental preservation though bees. The Marin Bee brand donates a portion of all sales to the Planet Bee Foundation. Learn more about the foundation here. 

This inspirational story gives me hope for the world and it makes me happy that there are companies out there who really care about sustainability and improving our planet. I want to support companies who have a missions other than making money. Additionally, all Marin Bee products are made with all natural and organic ingredients! They promote the healing and restorative powers of honey and other natural ingredients, instead of harsh chemicals. Learn more about the ingredients used here. I appreciate any company who strives to provide consumers with effective natural alternatives to the typically chemical-packed products in the beauty market. Marin Bee doesn't test on animals and is leaping bunny certified! Learn more about the restorative powers of honey here. 

The Marin Bee Lip Repair retails for $26.00 USD and is available at Marin Bee. The packaging and branding of the line is just perfection! It is as beautiful as the message that Marin Bee is trying to send. The boxes and squeeze tube have a beautiful floral illustration. 

The balm has a very lush formula, that feels very plush and luxurious on the lips. It is very soothing and smooth on the lips. It doesn't have sticky texture, which I always appreciate, but it also doesn't have a greasy texture. The formula almost feels like jelly on the lips and feels very hydrating. I find the balm is most effective and looks the best when applied heavily, so I don't usually apply directly from the tube. Instead, I squeeze a bit onto my finger and slather it all over. The balm has a very very subtle pink tint, that mimics the natural flush of your lips. I love using this product day or night, it is so nourishing! It is a great prep step before applying lipstick because it hydrates without creating a greasy or sticky base. It really smooths our cracks and lines on the lips, leaving a pretty glossy shine. I don't notice any real strong scent and of course, I love the organic and natural ingredients! I think it is important to have as many natural ingredients in your lip products as possible, considering we eat most of what goes on our lips. 

This product has been so helpful as the weather has transitioned. As a lip balm addict, I have to say this is one of my all-time favorite balms. the plush and smooth texture on the lips feels amazing and looks amazing on my lips. Due to the natural ingredients in this product, the balm isn't habit-forming, which means you don't need to constantly apply the product to maintain moisture. It has stayed in my handbag since I have received it. Plus you have to love a company who's mission is to promote sustainability and environmental preservation!