| Review | Tom Ford Spring 2017 - Solar Exposure Palette

Review: Tom Ford Spring 2017 - Solar Exposure Palette 

Once again Tom Ford has slayed spring trends with his gigantic spring collection! With six different lip duos, two cream cheek duos (see my full review here), and, of course, this stunning palette you have everything you  need to master this year's spring trends! Lip and cheeks are the new hot focus this season but the full face palette perfectly compliments the season trend.

Like winter's palettes, Tom Ford has once again released his face palette in this luxurious and elegant rectangular clutch packaging! This is by far, my favorite limited edition packaging he has released so far! The packaging is heavy and significant in your hands. It has a magnetic closure and is very sturdy. The white and gold casing is just so classic and works so well for spring. 

The palette itself screams spring time! The shades are just a bit cooler than the Tom Ford Winter Soleil Warm Palette. Honestly, the best way to describe the shades would be neutral, it really does sit perfectly in between the  Cool Palette and the Warm Palette. The shades definitely have a very nice balance between them but lean very neutral. 

The Tom Ford Solar Exposure Palette retails for $155.00 USD and is available at tomford.com, Neiman Marcus,  and other retailers. The palette contains one blush, one highlighter, and four eyeshadows: 

Peachy Blush - This blush is very very similar to NARS orgasm blush but more peach and less pink. If you aren't familiar with the infamous orgasm blush, its a peachy-pink blush with a golden shimmer throughout it. I think the gold sheen is more subtle than the NARS, The shimmer is very refined and sophisticated. The overall texture is very smooth and buttery with a very strong pigment. The look is very fresh and glowing. The texture is significantly better than the winter palette blushes!

Champagne Highlighter - This highlighter is a beautiful light champagne that is actually a true champagne, not too warm, like most champagne highlighters. This is will be flattering on a array of skin tones. I love it because unlike the champagne highlighter from the Winter Soleil Warm Palette, it actually stands out on my skin tone. The one from the Warm Palette was too close to my skin tone and is very very subtle on me. This one really comes off as a true highlighter! The shimmer is very very refined and sophisticated. The sheen is absolutely perfect for highlighting without emphasizing any texture on the skin. 

Golden Champagne Eyeshadow - This shade is very similar to the highlighter in this palette but a tinge warmer and a tinge brighter. This shadow has a very buttery texture is very pigmented. It has a satin finish and makes a beautiful inner corner highlight. 

Champagne Taupe Sparkle - This sheer sparkle shadow creates a sophisticated glistening effect. It is by far the sheerest of the sparkle shadows I have ever encountered. Usually this would upset me, but this shadow is falls perfectly in line with the spring trend of lip and cheek focused makeup! The sheer glistening eyeshadow adds a little dimension to the eyes without drawing attention away from the lips and cheeks. Plus it creates a beautiful topper shadow for other eyeshadows! 

Taupe Eyeshadow - This buttery taupe has a satin texture and is very pigmented! Like most of the shades in  this palette it falls very neutral and is a stunning lid color or even crease shade. Taupes tend to run quite cool and silvery but this one is just perfect and will work on a variety of skin tones! This shade is a very complex taupe and is very multi-dimensional with champagne sparkle. It is the perfect compliment to the light champagne shades.

Deep Slate Eyeshadow - This deep cool-toned slate shade is the least buttery in consistency. In fact, the texture is a little bit dry. It is still a very beautiful eyeshadow with very good pigment to it, that applies beautifully with a brush. One small dip into the shadow will add lots of depth and smokiness. It doesn't swatch well but it applies beautifully! SO if you do get a chance to swatch the palette, don't let this shade deceive you.

Overall, I think this palette is a must-have! It excels in performance beyond the previous two released in winter. All the shades so perfectly compliment one another and the textures are so buttery. I think this is the most versatile palette Tom Ford has released so far. It really can work for a variety of skin tones and of course, the packaging is so luxurious! Tom Ford has really outdone himself this season with release of this palette. If there is one thing you have to get from this enormous collection, it has to be this one! 


  1. Lovely review - makes me want to buy this now! Can I ask, which individual TF blush is that pictured in the second image down? Looking for a blush that colour! xx

    1. Thank you so much! The blush is in the shade Inhibition! It's one of my favorite blushes of all time! Thanks for reading and supporting my blog!