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Review: LIV-Skin Skincare

As many of you probably know, I am in my late 20's but that doesn't mean I am not concerned with aging skin. My mother instilled in me, at a young age, to take very good care of my skin so that it would look great when I was older.  So since my early teens, I have tried very hard to maintain a good skincare regimen. It's only recently, that I am looking into more anti-aging skincare products. 

LIV-Skin reached out to me about trying their anti-aging skincare line with their exclusive ingredient called Caviartic 3 Complex. Here is a little more about their Caviartic 3 Complex from their website: 

THE SCIENCE OF CAVIARTIC 3 COMPLEX™The Caviartic 3 Complex formula is revolutionary in the way that it uses natural ingredients to natural stimulate cell regeneration and collagen production. The secret to reducing wrinkles and achieving a smoother, fuller complexion is stimulate collagen production naturally.INGREDIENTS TO CAVIARTIC 3 COMPLEX™Pullulan and Algae Extract: This secret ingredient strengthens cell connectivity which means skin is tighter and firmer. If you are fed up with loose, sagging skin, then this is the answer to your prayers. We include this superb extract in our revolutionary Caviartic 3 Complex because it offers short term tightening and long term strengthening. When we talk about beauty now and beauty for the future, this is what we are talking about.Glutamylamidoethyl Indole: This wonderful ingredient is a fantastic component for skincare because it reduces nervous cells degeneration by specifically protecting cells that do not regenerate naturally. In other words, it stops a major part of the aging process by slowing down cell degeneration And the best thing about it? It does this a safe, natural way that does not irritate the skin.Chondrus Crispus: When we talk about preparing your skin for a healthy future, this the amazing secret behind it. For that healthy glow, you need the best ingredients that nourish and soothe your skin. This a seaweed extract that is unique in its amazing ability to supply the skin with much needed vitamins and minerals. This fantastic ingredient makes your skin healthier today, tomorrow and for years to come. The vitamins and minerals help prevent further aging and improve appearance by strengthening the delicate skin around your eyes. This is what will tackle those bags and dark circles!Other Beneficial Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Stem Cell, Collagen, Retinol Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E.
The LIV-Skin Dr. Approved 3 Step Kit retails for $99.95 USD available on livforskin.com and Amazon. This kit contains three key products: 

The Advanced Age Defying Eye Gel is a completely clear gel that is very light and cooling gel that tightens and depuffs the area. The gel is also very hydrating despite being a light-weight gel formula. I appreciate the versatility of this formula because it can be used day or night and under makeup. It is packaged in my favorite type of skincare packaging, pump tubs! It is such a sanitary and easy way to control the amount of product released. 

Next is the Intense Hydrate AM/PM Cream is hydrating but I wouldn't call it intensely hydrating. If  it was intensely hydrating, I don't think it would work for both AM and PM. The cream has a medium consistency that is still rich but can still be pumped through the pump packaging. For my dry skin, I prefer something much more hydrating in the evening but for daytime I think this is perfect. It still provides lots of moisture without being too greasy to be under makeup. I personally prefer a different cream for AM and PM but this one is very nice. It smooths out my skin and my skin feels very soft after using it. 

Finally, the Extreme Lifting and Contouring Neck Cream is a thick cream dispensed from the amazing pump tub packaging! It may seem silly to have an individual cream just for the neck but it is an area that really reveals age, if not properly cared for. I love the idea of a neck cream especially the idea of it contouring and tightening that area. I definitely noticed a tightening and contouring effect with this cream. It really smoothed out my neck lines, as well! I'm all about prevention and I think this product is really helping.   

Overall, the trio of products is very nice and they all work well together. I think the really stand out
product of this line is the neck cream. It works really well and not many companies make something exclusively for the neck! LIV-skin does provide free samples on their website, as well as, a money-back guarantee!