| Loves | Best of Beauty 2016 - Makeup

Last year was a difficult year for me but starting my blog and chatting with all my lovely friends on Instagram really pulled me through it all.  So I just wanted to start out by thanking you for your support! I honestly can't believe its the end of the year already! 2016 has been the craziest and
by far, the hardest year for me but having this blog and my Instagram has kept me going and gave me a bit on consistency in this crazy year. It is also my first year of having a blog! I hope I didn't disappoint too much but I promise to try to post more often on here. I appreciate everyone who reads, comments, and follows me on Insta! It really means a lot, you have no idea. Your support and sweet comments have gotten me through this rough year.

This year we've seen a loooooooot of makeup. Some new formulas, some throwback trends, and palettes galore! I'm pretty sure this year was "the year of the face palettes", I'm pretty sure I have enough of them to fill their own drawer! We also saw metallic lips come back on trend and glossy lip lacquers become more popular, which I am very excited about. There were also a lot of illuminator and highlighter releases this year. Its almost impossible to for me to go back and pick my favorite products from the year, but here they are!


1. Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup is beautiful glowing foundation, perfect for dry skin types. It gives you a gorgeously glossy look to the skin, like a runway model. I bought the white shade to mix with my darker summer foundations and I looooovve the effect! The finish of this foundation is healthy and glowy. I hear the colors run quite light, so you should try them on in store before purchasing,

2. Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Foundation although not a new release but it is something I discovered this year. This is also a very glowy and dewy foundation with a light coverage. It makes the skin look very healthy and fresh. Definitely one of my most used foundations this year.

3. Le Metier de Beaute Peau Vierge is a sheer skin tint that perfects the skin and provides a very pretty glow. This product doesn't offer much coverage but does manage to illuminate and blur some imperfections. It is a very luxurious product that offers skincare benefits. You can use it as a primer but I prefer to use alone on lazy days or when I want a very natural coverage.

4. Kat Von D Lock-It Setting Powder (full review here.) is a very very finely milled translucent setting powder. I love this all over but particularly under the eyes because it is so light it, it is undetectable on the skin. It sets your face so well without looking heavy or cakey.

5. Estee Edit Flash Photo Powder (full review here) is a light blue photo-friendly pressed powder. It is one of the best products that I have tried from the line. I don't often like a matte finish but this give such a natural matte finish that I can't complain. It helps brighten and blur the skin. Of course, it make you look fabulous in pictures!

6. Hourglass Surreal Powder ( full review on palette here) is a beautiful blurring setting powder with a golden glow. Currently, it is exclusive to the surreal light ambient palette but I know they will bring it out as its own powder eventually. This is probably the best part of the surreal light palette. The powder really does blur and soften all texture on the skin. It creates a beautiful soft golden glow, great for enhancing warm skin tones. It photographs beautifully, like all the ambient powders. I will be purchasing the full size, as soon as they release it.


1. Marc Jacobs Glow Stick (full review here) is a beautiful cream illuminator with gold and silver pearls. It is the most beautiful glossy illuminator and gives you the runway model glow. It applies best with a small stippling brush and it layers very very well, It is a very versatile shade that works for all skin tones.

2. Hourglass Illume Sheer Color Trio in Sunset (full review here) a beautiful trio of cream cheek products. Every product in this palette blends beautifully into the skin and has a very natural finish. The shades are very flattering and the products last a decent amount of time. I love the fresh look it gives my skin.

3. Tom Ford Shimmer Shots (full review here) are sophisticated liquid illuminators for mixing, layering, or just wearing on their own. They have a very refined shimmer and don't emphasize texture or pores on the skin. I love mixing them into my foundation or just wearing them alone. The shimmer can be built up or remain subtle. I honestly, find these easier to work with than the CoverFX illuminating drops.


1. Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer is exactly how its labeled, effortless! This brow pencil has the perfect consistency between a wax and a pencil. It can hold some hairs in place and give you a very natural filled in brow with very little effort. This is my go-to on most days but especially when I'm not in the mood to spend so much time fussing with my brows. It last all day and looks so natural.


1. Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes are now permanent! These are my absolute favorite cream shadow formula. Iluminating, easy to blend, and pigmented you really can't go wrong with these cream shadows. They are my go-to for a quick and easy eye look.

2. Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Honeymoon released this year and unfortunately, backordered at most retailers. This eye quad has the fabulous wet/dry formula of  Nude Dip. The texture is ultra smooth and blendable. The shades are soooo.... pigmented and illuminating. If you can get a hold of one, you must snatch it up quickly!

3. Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Disco Dust another quad released this year in spring and now one of my most used quads! This palette is very well balanced as far as texture goes with one glitter, two satin, one pearl shade. Its a beautiful warm quad that even mixes well with Honeymoon and other quads.

4. Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette is an all around beautiful palette with multiple finishes. I've used this palette so much since I bought it. Its a beautiful bridal palette with the range of cool to warm neutral shades. The shadows are pigmented and blendable. This is a fool proof shadow palette and easy to turn to if you can't decide what to wear.

5. Marc Jacobs Mascara is very nice lengthening and separating mascara. It does provide some volume and can be layered without looking clumpy or spidery. It really separates very lash and coats every lash making it appear as if you have more lashes. It gives a very nice length to the lash, even if you have very fine lashes. The mascara doesn't dry out quickly and the brush helps you get every lash.


1. Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lacquers, I have raved about these non-stop on my Instagram and I recently purchased some of the holiday shades. These are my absolute favorite lip product of all time! This product is the perfect cross between a stain and a lip lacquer. They are long wearing and feel so smooth and comfortable on your lips. The first layer will be your stain, as you continue to layer you get more gloss. I find the perfect number of layers is three, for the maximum amount of color and shine!

2. Cle de Peau Radiant Liquid Rouge (full review here.) are going to be your favorite winter lip colors! These balmy textured lip lacquers provide lots of color but also lots of hydration. The glide over dry patches and make your lips look smooth and juicy. They aren't long wearing but for how comfortable they are, I have no complaints.

3. Tom Ford Ultra-Rick Lipstick in Revolve Around Me is the perfect glossy nude lipstick, at least for me! The texture is very creamy and smooth but it has lots of pigment! It doesn't last long which is a bit disappointing but color is just perfect! It isn't too pale and isn't too pink, its just perfect!

4. Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick in Military Red is the most beautiful and comfortable matte red lipstick ever! I know I actually haven't mentioned this before but I am now! Its amazing and you must have it! First of all, I hate matte lipsticks, I mean most of them. Most of them are so uncomfortable and drying, its unbearable to wear all day. This one is sooo.... creamy and comfortable on the lips. Like the its label indicates, its more of a velvet texture instead of a true matte finish. The color applies ultra smooth and very pigmented. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Nude Apricot, which is the only other shade I own. Nude Apricot for some reason applies kind of gritty and doesn't sit evenly on my lips, so it seems that this formula's quality varies depending on the shade. I can tell you that Military Red is phenomenal and everyone needs it!

5. Estee Edit Mattified Lipstick in Sunday Vibes (full review here.) is the matte nude lipstick you need in your life. Ok, so I know I said I don't like matte lipsticks, which I don't but I have very few exceptions. This one is very comfortable to wear and is very pigmented. It applies very smoothly and doesn't feel drying or emphasize texture on the lips. The color is a beautiful pink-toned beige that will work for most people, The formula is just really nice and this is coming from someone who often avoids matte lip products.

I hope you enjoyed my 2016 beauty favorites! I didn't want to include any limited edition products because they would be difficult to get a hold of, although there were many that I loved from 2016! I am working on reducing my spending this year and cleaning up my collection. Its always difficult not to get wrapped up into all the hype with new products but I want to work on really getting products I will really use and love. 2017 is already a significantly better year and I hope it will be for you, as well! Thank you again for all the love and support! Happy 2017!