| Review | Tom Ford Lip Contour Duos

Review: Tom Ford Lip Contour Duos

Fall collections are upon us and holiday collections are already leaking in! For Autumn/Winter 2016, Tom Ford has released his latest revolution in beauty, a two-in-one lipstick/liner combo! 

The Tom Ford Lip Contour Duos retail for $53.00 USD (available at Tom Ford, Neiman Marcus, and other retailers) and come in 8 shades. They are packaged in a sleek and convenient cognac tube with the top part being a twist-up lip liner and the bottom section housing a lipstick. 

I purchased three shades Fling it On, Dream Obscene, and Devil Inside. Let me first talk about how strange it is to have a lighter lip liner than lipstick. I'm not sure why Tom Ford decided to do this because apparently his intention is for the liners to be used just as liners. Because the liner is several shades lighter than the lipstick, you have to put it all over the lips and not just line the lips with it. So I don't see where the "contour" part of this lip product comes in. The lipsticks are more pigmented than his classic formula but not as emollient, I believe this is because they are intended to be long-wearing lip colors. I find these last longer than standard lipsticks, when layering the two products but the lipsticks alone are not long wearing. One thing to note is that the liners are very delicate, after leaving one rolling around in a makeup bag, my liner broke. It is still usable and it still twists up but unfortunately, not the most travel friendly even though it is meant to be convenient.  

Fling it On is a pale peach shade, one of the two nude shades available in this collection. The liner, like I previously stated, is very light. It is a bit of a chalky peach shade with chunks of glitter in it. I don't understand why there is glitter in the liner, it just makes the liner a funny texture. The glitter does not show up on the lips after the lipstick is layered on top. I would not wear the lip liner on its own but with the lipstick layered on it becomes a very beautiful, opaque, and long-wearing lip color. The lipstick is a medium peachy-pink shade but when layered with the very light liner, it becomes a pale peach shade. I recommend this shade for fair to medium skin tones, it is quite pale so it may be too nude for those with a deeper skin tone.

Dream Obscene is a cool lavender shade, very unique to any shades that I have seen. This one is probably my favorite! Although it is a cool toned shade it is very flattering on my warm skin tone. The liner is a very pale lavender-pink, a bit chalky like the Fling it On liner. It also contains glitter that is not noticeable on the lips. The lipstick is a medium-lavender shade and when layered with the liner, create a soft lavender color. I recommend this shade for fair to tan skin tones, it may be a bit light on dark skin tones. 

Devil Inside is a hot coral-red, a very vibrant and sexy shade. The liner in this duo is a orange-red shade with bits of glitter. I find the texture of this liner to be much nicer than the lighter two I bought. This is probably because it lacks the white pigment that makes the other shades lighter and chalky. This liner can be worn alone without your lips looking strange.  The lipstick is a very pigmented hot red shade that is vibrant and long-wearing. This shade is particularly beautiful on warm skin tones but can really work for anybody. 

Overall, I was surprisingly impressed with these lip duos! I wasn't expecting much from them and I wasn't expecting to like them as much as I do! There are some really beautiful shades in this collection and the quality is excellent. I would prefer the liners to be darker than their lipsticks, so you could actually contour your lips but they are still a very nice product. I like the longevity of these lip colors and the convenience of the duo. I highly recommend checking out these lip duos, especially if you are a fan of Tom Ford's classic lipstick formula!

Let me know your thoughts on these new lip products! Love them, hate them, or have some recommendations for me? Leave them down below!

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