| Review | Hourglass Illume Sheer Color Trio in Sunset

Review: Hourglass Illume Sheer Color Trio in Sunset

Hourglass has created a beautiful cream face palette for spring and summer. This palette is currently exclusive to Barney's New York (here) for $62.00 USD. The cream products are not something entirely new to the Hourglass line. I own a previous cream blush and bronzer duo, also called sunset, which is now discontinued. These duos came in two different shades, however, they currently only have one shade for this face palette. The shades are very similar to their old sunset duo, except the bronzer shade is now much less orange, which we can all appreciate! 

Here is the description on the Barney's New York Website: 
Give your face a luminous wash of color using this luxe crème-to-satin finish palette featuring bronzer, blush and highlighter. This Makeup Artist cult favorite provides everything you need for sheer definition and color. Formulated to seemingly melt into your skin, it gives your complexion an incredibly radiant, natural finish. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Multi-tasking palette gives you all the essentials to define, brighten and highlight your face.
  • Weightless crème formulas are highly blendable and mistake-proof, resulting in an effortlessly soft, natural look without blotching or streaking. 
  • Sheer formulas can be blended together to create custom shades and are buildable in color without feeling heavy on the skin.
  • Portable palette is ideal for travel and easy touch-ups during the day.

Carisa's Take:
“I wanted a product that would give me a natural-looking flush of color to my face. The Illume Sheer Color Trio is extremely forgiving and flattering making it virtually mistake-proof. It’s a great multi-tasking palette and I love that I can use it with my fingers.”

Shade Options:
  • Bronzer (medium tan) - neutral bronzer creates a natural tan, subtly bronzing and defining the face.
  • Blush (soft rosy pink) - sheer rose blush gives soft and universally flattering color to the cheeks.
  • Highlighter (light champagne) - champagne highlighter creates a luminous glow without heavy glitter or shimmer

The trio is housed in the classic glossy chocolate compact that Hourglass has for many of their products. You get .17oz of highlighter, .21oz of blush, and .21 oz of bronzer. The compact itself is sleek and small, however you do get a decent amount of product.

The shades are quite true to description. The bronzer is warm but remains neutral enough to work for a range of skin tones. The blush is a warm rose shade that brighten and illuminates the skin. It is a flattering shade that will work on a variety of skin tones. The highlighter is a warm champagne shade, reminiscent of Becca's opal highlighter. Overall, the shades are beautiful but will mostly likely only work for fair to medium skin tones. I hope that they will bring out more shades for this product. 

The formula is absolutely beautiful. Upon swatching it, I was very concerned because the texture felt very emollient and looked almost greasy when swatched. However, upon application to the skin, it blended in beautifully and did not leave my face feel glossy or greasy. In fact, after blending it into the skin, the product does "set"(as much as cream product can) and the finish is incredibly natural. Not quite satin, like its description, but natural and glowing.The pigmentation is fantastic! One swipe or dip of a brush will go a very long way, especially with this emollient texture. 

The wear time, without setting, is about 3-5 hours (depending on your skin type). This is pretty typical of cream formulas. 

The Hourglass Illume Palette really gives other formulas a run for their money! I am a huge fan of the Laura Mercier Contour Palette (review to come) and this one is right there next to it. If you love cream formulas, I highly recommend this product! Summer skin is here and its worth every penny!

Let me know what you think about this product or your favorite cream formula! Leave a comment below.
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  1. Wonderful review! Your swatches look gorgeous. I hope this palette comes to Sephora.

    1. Thank you! I hope so too! I don't like it when product have such limited availability. Thanks for reading!

  2. Could you add a picture with the shades sheered out as one might wear them? I have Charlotte Tilbury's cream bronzer/highlighter and the bronzer looks dark but sheers out to a very light, wearable shade.

    1. Yes, of course! I will try to post the blended swatches ASAP! This product does sheer out very nicely, its just incredibly pigmented. Thanks for reading!

    2. Can't wait to see it. Thanks!!

    3. Hey Tracey! I updated this post, as well as, the swatch gallery! hope this helps!

  3. Could you add a picture with the shades sheered out as one might wear them? I have Charlotte Tilbury's cream bronzer/highlighter and the bronzer looks dark but sheers out to a very light, wearable shade.

  4. Do you know when this product will be released on Sephora?

    1. Unfortunatley, I have yet to hear anything about it coming to Sephora... I really hope it does because being a Barney's exclusive is VERY exclusive. I will update, if I hear anything new.

  5. wow! Liz, this palette is gorgeous, especially when I see the blended out pictures, oh, I was gonna skip it, as I'm not a big fan of the Tom Ford cream duo, it made me look like a grease ball after a few hours, but this one....gorgeous shades!

    1. Amber, thanks for reading! yes, the blended swatches really do show how beautiful this product is! I agree, the Tom Ford one is waaay too emollient and greasy. This one has a much more natural finish! I highly recommend it! Its finally at Sephora now!

  6. Just bought this trio through Sephora online so it's available right now.