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Review: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Multi-Glow Palette

Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess is here once again! The brand's classic summer collection brings us a variety of products, including their annual Bronze Goddess Fragrance. This year, instead of their usual illuminating gelee powder, they have brought us a gelee trio! 

The packaging is a classic and sleek gold compact with a fine dot pattern. Its a sturdy compact with a large mirror. The packaging design is not particularly special but it feels very, Estee Lauder. 

The product itself, is absolutely stunning. The three products are prism textured and form a beautiful radial pattern. It is just visually stunning!

The Bronzer is the most disappointing part of this palette because of its lack of pigment. The shade and tone of the bronzer is absolutely perfect, I found it to be just warm enough but contain no traces of orange tone. Unfortunately, the shade is very light and would only work for fair skin tones. On my medium skin tone, I had to heavily layer this product. The bronzer also seems to have no visible shimmer but has a glowy finish. The texture of the bronzer is also quite waxy and I had a difficult time getting product on my brush. Isn't this supposed to be the "bronze goddess" part of the Bronze Goddess palette? This isn't the game killer for me because it does get better!

The Blush is a glowing fresh neutral pink that creates a bright and glowing complexion. It does require some layering, as with the bronzer, but the blush is more pigmented. It has a very fine shimmer finish, just enough to brighten the complexion. The blush shade is ideal for spring and summer but I expect by summer time, I will have a hard time making this shade show up on my medium skin tone. Again, this shade is ideal for a fair skin tone but will work on a medium skin tone. I love the way this product brightens my complexion and gives me a fresh look. 

The Highlighter is a champagne shade with a hit of peach and a fine shimmer finish. The highlighter provides a glowing, almost wet, look. This product is by far the best quality of the three. The texture is very smooth and blends beautifully into the skin. The highlighter is the most pigmented of the three and really makes this palette. Sadly, its not a unique shade but it would work for many skin tones.  

Overall, I do really like this face palette, with the exception of the bronzer. Unfortunately, I don't feel this an essential summer 2016 pick. It will really work well on a fair skin tone but it is not a universal product. This is not a product for everyone, so I can'y recommend it but I am enjoying it! 

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  1. It looks very pretty, shame the bronzer doesn't work on medium skintone, as I am too. Thanks for this post, honey.

    1. No problem, Sweets! I love the blush and the highlighter, it was almost a perfect palette for me!

    2. No problem, Sweets! I love the blush and the highlighter, it was almost a perfect palette for me!