| Review | SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device

SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device Review

| Review |  SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device 

If you haven’t tried a RF (radiofrequency) device or facial yet, you NEED TO! I discovered the technology only about a year ago but I have been incredibly impressed by the results! I have pretty much ditched my toning device for it because it not only tones but it improves the texture, elasticity, and firmness of my skin. Plus, it works much faster than a toning device. I actually see immediate results and it just continues to be better as I continuously use my RF device. 

The one I am featuring here was sent to me to test and review but as always these thoughts written here are my own. 

SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device Review

The SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device retails for $99.00 USD and is available at SUNMAY. This device comes with a USB charger and is meant to be used wirelessly. I really appreciate that because it does take some time to do this treatment and being tied to an outlet is not always ideal. Plus, you can take it traveling with you very easily. It is a very simple device with one button that controls everything. You hold the button down to turn it on/off and you just click it to change to the various modes/intensities. I recommend starting on the lowest intensity and building to higher intensities as your skin becomes accustomed to it. 

What is a RadioFrequency device? 

This facial device uses radio frequency wavelengths to essentially vibrate the skin cells, causing a lot of friction and heat to generate. This process, encourages cell renewal and collagen production, making the skin more youthful, firmer, and tighter. 

How does it work? 

When using an RF device, you should always prep the skin with a  conductive gel  and keep it constantly moving across the skin. I always recommend using a conducting gel for the skin because it will not only give you the best results and protect your skin but it will help the device glide along your skin easier. 

SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device Review

SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device Review



This facial device uses radio frequency wavelengths to essentially vibrate the skin cells, causing a lot of friction and heat to generate. This process, encourages cell renewal and collagen production, making the skin more youthful, firmer, and tighter.

EMS (Electro muscle stimulation) Mode 

This is also known as micro-current treatment, which tightens and tones the skin by essentially stimulating the muscles in the face and working out the face, making your muscles firmer and tighter. This translates to more toned and contoured face.

Red Light and Blue Light Treatment 

During the RF treatment, your skin will also be treated with the red light and during the EMS Mode, your skin will also be treated with blue light to soothe and calm inflamed skin. Both lights are powerful wavelengths to penetrate the skin and deliver the most optimal treatment, the red light is 630+/-5nm and the blue light is 415+/-5nm. 

Three Intensity Levels 

There are three intensity levels for both RF and EMS treatments, which is the most I have seen with a device like this. I always highly recommend starting with the lowest intensity and building up to the higher intensities for your skin to become accustomed to the treatment. You may not notice the change in intensity as you are using the device but you will certainly see it in the results as you continue to use the device. 

SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device Review

How do you use a RadioFrequency device? 

This is how I recommend using the device, however; everyone has their own preferred method. Also, keep in mind, that everyone's skin is different. When you first use this device you may want to use it for less time and build to using it for longer. You can't use it for too long either because it will not make more of a difference once the skin gets to the optimized temperature. 

I recommend cleansing the skin well before hand and ensure you don't have any traces of makeup or dirt on the skin. Then, apply a nice layer of the conductive gel over the skin. Divide your face into sections and work in sections to achieve the best results. I like to to divide my face into three sections for the RF treatment - right cheek to jaw, left cheek to jaw, and forehead. 

From there, I usually set about a five to seven minute timer, and using small circular motions I move the device around on my skin. You feel your skin feeling warmer and warmer but it should never feel hot or burning. You need to continuously move the device around the face. If your arm gets tired, and it will, pause your timer and remove the device from your face and take a little break but make that break a quick ten-second stretch. You don't want your skin to cool down during this treatment period for the best results. 

After I finish the RF Treatment all over my face, I like to use the EMS mode to tighten my jawline. With this mode I recommend about 2 minutes per side and using large sweeping motions tracing along and under the jawline. This treatment will feel like little static shocks here and there on your jawline but it shouldn't hurt. It may be slightly uncomfortable at first but I promise it makes a HUGE difference. 
After I am done with my treatment, I immediately rinse the conductive gel off my face and apply my whole skincare routine. It is not recommended that you use any peels or exfoliants before or after your treatment because your skin may be sensitive to these and you don't want the skin to be further irritated. I just follow up with my best anti-aging serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. 

SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device Review

SUNMAY VSkin RadioFrequency Device Review

The Results 

Immediately, you will notice your skin looks absolutely GLOWING! Your skin may be a bit flush or red from the treatment but that should go away quickly once your skin starts to cool down. You will notice an immediate refreshing of the skin and how firmer it looks and feels. I notice that all my skincare absorbs into my skin much faster and works more effectively after using this device. It really looks like you just finished the best facial of your life after using this device! Honestly, seeing immediate results after using a device is so satisfying but it's the long-term results that keep my coming back. 

You should only use the device at most, every other day, but the long-term results are phenomenal. My skin just looks and feels so much healthier and stronger! Also, my face just looks so contoured and sculpted! Using an RF device is ten times better than just a microcurrent device, which I had used for years but I had to use it daily to see results and the results were not nearly as dramatic! Seeing is believing when it comes to device and after you use it, you not only see immediate results but incredible long-term ones too! It helps significantly reduce signs of aging, like, lines, wrinkles, sagging, and overall refinement of the texture of the skin! If I could recommend one device to you, it would be a RF device! This one has the added benefits of including some additional treatments, which I also love.