| Review | Bali Body Body Essentials Collection

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review

| Review | Bali Body Body Essentials Collection

If you're not taking care of your body like you do with your face, it's time to get started! The skin on your body is just as important as your face and to maintain its health, you should be treating it with quality products. Plus, I find the whole experience of a good body ritual so renewing, rejuvenating, and a daily mental vacation that everyone could use. I feel like body care is an affordable luxury that we should all be participating in for our own physical and mental well-being. Bali Body has been a long loved brand here on my blog for their beautiful and easy to use tanning products and I am so excited to see the brand expand into body and hair care for head to toe beauty care. 

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review

The Bali Body Body Essentials Collection is a wide range of luxury body care products by Bali Body. This collection currently includes a range of self-care products to treat the body from head to toe. The whole collection has a beautiful neutral pink beige-oatmeal colored packaging. The bottles are made of a soft plastic that feels great in your hands. The collection looks absolutely beautiful lined up in my bathroom. Also, the bottles are all recyclable! 

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review


The Bali Body Body Wash retails for $24.95 and is available at Bali Body. The body wash is packaged in a pump bottle, which is convenient and ideal for a body wash. It allows you to really control the amount of product being dispensed.  

The body wash has a wonderful bright and citrusy fragrance that is universally enjoyable for all genders and ages. It reminds me of bergamot and eucalyptus. It is a refreshing fragrance that doesn't overwhelm the senses but will lightly fragrance the body after washing. You don't need much of this body wash to cleanse the whole body, about a quarter-sized pump. The formula has a very light and creamy lather, giving you a luxurious cushiony formula to spread across the body. It feels gentle, nourishing, and hydrating on the skin. I have dry skin and any formula that lacks the right ingredient, I will feel it immediately. This body wash made my skin feel immediately soothed and hydrated. Also, this formula would be great for shaving due to it it's cushiony texture and hydrating properties. 

I will say that I'm a pretty sweaty person and when I'm sweaty I am smelly. I workout about five to six times a week and after every workout, I have been using this body wash to thoroughly clean my body. I feel so clean and refreshed after using this body wash. No more smell and my skin is cleaned very well because I don't breakout afterwards. I find that when I have used previous body cleansers after my workouts, I still end up breaking out because it didn't really clean my body. 

When I step out of the shower and dry off, my skin feels so soft and hydrated! My skin doesn't feel dry or stripped of moisture. Instead, my skin really feels nourished and cared for. It feels clean and smells clean. Over the years, I have found so much value in picking a really good body wash because I use it daily and I want something that does more for my skin than just cleanses it. 

This formula contains jojoba, macadamia, and rosehip oils. These are all very rich and nourishing oils that help replenish the condition of the skin, deeply moisturizes, and softens the texture of the skin. Rosehip oil is also known to brighten and exfoliate the skin, which further helps renew and improve the condition of the skin. I also appreciate that the formula is designed for all skin types and is 100% vegan. It is also paraben free, which means you are giving your skin only the best! 

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review


The Bali Body Shower Oil retails for $27.95 and is available at Bali Body. This shower oil is packaged in a soft squeezable bottle with a flip cap. This packaging makes sense because the oil is a more runny texture than the body wash. This packaging prevent leakage and it easier to control dispensing such a runny product. The bottle has a very nice soft texture that allows you to really squeeze it. 

This shower oil has a citrus note to it but is primarily a softly floral and clean fragrance. The floral notes is not strong and it makes it universally flattering for all genders and ages. The soft fragrance isn't overwhelming and only softly lingers on the skin, which is what you'd want. It will make you smell clean but won't interfere with any other scented body products you may want to apply afterwards. 

You only need a bit of this oil because when mixed with some water, it becomes a emulsified creamy liquid wash. It turns slightly milky and it feels like you're cleansing your skin with a moisturizer. Think of this product as a cleansing moisturizer. You are simultaneously hydrating your skin while you clean it. It feels so lush and luxurious as you massage it all over your skin. When you rinse your skin, your skin will feel so smooth and silky! 

This cleanser is amazing for dry skin! The oil based cleanser prevents the skin from drying out during the cleansing process and leaves behind a hydrating veil on the skin. You may be concerned that an oil is not as powerful of a cleanser as a body wash but that's definitely not the case. This formula still cleanses the skin very well but has the added luxury of being a moisturizer as well! It instantly soothes and hydrates the skin but even after your shower, the your skin will feel incredibly smooth, soft, and moisturized! I don't feel the need to apply an additional body lotion or moisturizer, which is great for my lazy days. 

The moisturized feeling and softness of my skin really lingers well into the next day. You just feel like your skin is so nourished after using this shower gel. This is due to the very nourishing ingredients that are included in this shower oil. This formula contains coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin e. All of these are deeply nourishing and rich oils that become infused into your skin when used to cleanse it. Additionally, vitamin e is a healing and repairing ingredient that will help with damaged or scarred skin. These oils also contain antioxidants, which prevent environmental damage to the skin and are anti-aging. 

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review


The Bali Body Body Scrub retails for $25.95 and is available at Bali Body. This scrub is conveniently packaged in a squeezable bottle as opposed to a jar, which I really appreciate. I find it sanitary, easy to use, and convenient. The cap has a flip top that keeps the product securely in the bottle. 

This scrub has the same florally clean fragrance as the shower oil. It is a very fresh and subtle scent that won't linger too long on the skin but will make the skin smell clean afterwards. This scrub has a unique texture that is a cream with a ton of tiny scrubbing particles suspended in the cream. I love the the ultra-fine texture and density of the scrubbing particles in the formula because they really work together to polish the skin and remove any texture from the surface of the skin without being too abrasive. I think this formula has the perfect level of abrasiveness but won't damage the skin. 

I love the feeling and texture of this body scrub. It feels very luxurious when you massage it into the skin because as you work it into the skin, the scrubbing particles dissolve while the nourishing oils in the formula are worked deep into the skin. This body scrub is like a hybrid of scrub and body oil. It leaves my skin feeling so insanely moisturized, smooth, and soft! It really transforms my sin almost instantly in the shower. 

The formula is so nourishing and moisturizing that when I come out of shower, I don't use any body lotion. I noticed my skin even felt deeply hydrated and soft the next morning! This is incredibly impressive and I think this is thanks to the French clay and almond oil in this formula. Clays are not only very detoxifying but they help balance the oils on the skin. While, almond oil is known for its very nourishing properties. You can really feel this in the formula and it makes such a noticeable difference in your skin. I am very impressed by this formula. 

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review


The Bali Body Hydrating Shampoo retails for $23.95 and is available at Bali Body. This shampoo is packaged in a pump bottle packaging, for easy dispensing, which I always appreciate. There's nothing more annoying that fumbling with my shampoo and conditioner bottles during my shower. 

This shampoo smells just like body wash, it has a refreshing, clean, and citrusy scent. You don't need much of this shampoo and it lathers up beautifully, feeling very luxurious as you work the shampoo into your scalp. This shampoos really gets into the roots of the hair, breaking down oils, removing dirt, and balancing the oils on the scalp. This has really helped with my itchy scalp situation. I find that since my hair is color-treated, I don't like to wash it more than once a week if If I can help it but my the time its my hair wash day, my scalp is quite itchy. This shampoo really helps soothe and nourish my scalp, preventing it from feeling itchy at the end of the week. It also cleanses very well, preventing my scalp from getting oily throughout the week but it is hydrating enough to care for the ends of my hair, which often take the most abuse from coloring and heat styling. 

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review

I feel that since I started using this shampoo, my color-treated and dry hair has become much more hydrated and stronger. The strands don't feel stripped and brittle. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling very silky, smooth, and shiny. This formula is very well thought out and a very ingredient conscious formula. The formula is enriched with avocado oil, shea butter, and plant-based keratin. Avocado oil is deeply nourishing while, shea butter is great for softening, and keratin is amazing for repairing the hair. Also, keratin contains vital vitamins for supporting healthy hair growth and maintenance. 

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review


The Bali Body Hydrating Conditioner retails for $23.95 and is available at Bali BodyThis conditioner is packaged in a pump bottle packaging, for easy dispensing, which I always appreciate. There's nothing more annoying that fumbling with my shampoo and conditioner bottles during my shower.

The conditioner has a matching fragrance to the shampoo, which is that bright and fresh citrusy scent. The formula has a nice creamy consistency. It feels luscious and rich when you slather it on your locks. You can really feel it coating your strands with it's nourishing and silky formula. It instantly smooths and hydrates each strand. It makes it instantly easier for me to run my finger through my hair, which is essential for distributing the conditioner throughout my strands. 

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review

After I've rinsed the product out of my hair, my hair feels so silky! It feels so much softer and smoother. After I get out the shower, I noticed significantly more shine in my hair! When you take a look at the formula, it's easy to see why my hair feels so incredible after using this conditioner. The formula contains a blend of natural oils, vitamins, and antioxidants for repairing and nourishing the hair. What I appreciate about this hydrating and nourishing formula is that it doesn't leave any residue in the hair and doesn't leave my scalp or hair feeling greasy. It just feels refreshed and renewed! I noticed that despite my hair's tendency to knot up and tangle easily, it was a breeze to brush through and style! I felt like I didn't need as much post-wash hair products, like leave-in conditioners and oils to get my hair to a manageable position. My hair was already so silky and soft. 

Also, like the shampoo, this formula is designed to strengthen the hair and it really does! It makes my hair stronger an more resilient to heat damage. It has greatly improved the overall texture of my hair and it looks so much healthier. 

Bali Body Body Essentials Collection Review


These products have changed my daily routines for the better! You often don't think about the products you reach for on a daily basis but these are the products that you are using the most of throughout your lifetime! Shouldn't they be some of the best products you've ever tried? I think so! These products should be ones you enjoy and love using. I am very happy to say I LOVE and enjoy using these products! The formulas feel so luxurious, they have not only improved my hair and body, but they create such a luxurious self-care experience. Whether you want luscious, healthy, and beautiful hair or the silkiest, softest, and healthiest skin, there's something in this collection for you! I can really feel the difference in these formulas from ones that I have tried before. They are really on par with some of the more expensive formulas I have tried. I have been a long-time fan of the brand for years and I think they have made me into a lifetime customer with this latest launch. I mean, why not get everything you need in one place. Especially, when the formulas are so exceptional! I can't recommend these products enough I really couldn't choose a favorite among these products. I feel they are so essential to maintaining my healthy skin and hair!