| Review | RÓEN Beauty 52° Cool Eye Shadow Palette

| Review | RÓEN Beauty 52° Cool Eye Shadow Palette

If you're looking for chic, cool, and effortless makeup, look no further than these eye shadow palettes from RÓEN Beauty.  This new clean luxury beauty brand was created by celebrity makeup artist, Nikki DeRoest and editorial photographer, David Roemer. Designed to be high-performance luxury makeup with clean ingredients, this brand offers formulas that are designed by artists but made for the everyday beauty-lover. Eyeshadows are the first product to be launched from this line and while this formula is definitely not for everyone, it is very beautiful. 

The RÓEN Beauty 52° Cool Eye Shadow Palette retails for $46.00 USD and is available at RÓENThe eyeshadow quad is housed in a very sleek and petite highly reflective compact. Because the chrome packaging is SO REFLECTIVE, it is very prone to fingerprints and smudges. The compact is made of lightweight plastic and has a magnetic closure. Everything about this little palette is very luxurious. It even comes with a soft white velvet pouch to store the compact in, not my ideal pouch color, since I know I will probably get it dirty almost instantly but it's a nice extra touch. 


This palette contains four beautiful eyeshadows with varying levels of shimmer. These eyeshadows can be used individually, layered with each other, or even be used with other eyeshadows. 

Bask - This shade appears to be a yellow-gold shade in the pan but translates to more of a champagne shade with subtle pink reflects when applied. The particles of shimmer in this shade are much larger than the other shadows but because of the formula of the shadows, it is still very refined and sophisticated.

Rendevous - This shade is a plummy-taupe that leans quite cool with small bits of silver shimmer. This shade seems to have the least amount of shimmer, which makes it a great crease and defining shade for the eyes.

Meow - This shade is a cool bronze sparkle shade with silver sparkles throughout. This is a great shade for wearing solo, as a one-shade eye look.

Yep - This shade is a very sparkly gunmetal with a ton of silver shimmer. This shadow has a ton of silver shimmer packed into it and when it fades, the silver shimmer will be the most prominent color left over.


This an emollient and balmy formula but it isn't at all greasy or oily in texture. It is actually a unique slightly drier cream formula and when you press your finger into the pan, you can feel the hard surface of the shadow and the drier texture. However, when you apply the product, it feels very balmy and blends out very easily. This being said, these shadows are best applied with fingers because brushes don't pick the product up very well. I find the best method of application is to place the eyeshadow with your finger to get the maximum color-payoff and use a short dense crease brush to blend the edges. You can also use that short dense crease brush to apply your crease shade and definition to the outer corners of the eyes but be aware that the brush doesn't pick up as much pigment and you will have to layer. Even if you layer, it is hard to get the pigmentation that you get when using fingers. RÓEN Beauty offers a synthetic dual-ended brush but I have quite a few dense crease brushes and pencil brushes that serve the same purpose.

Due to the emollience of this product, there will be creasing within an hour. To minimize the creasing, you can use a primer but this will not completely prevent the creasing from happening. The nice thing about this cream formula is that you can just fix the creased parts with your finger but they are really meant to create a very "lived-in" kind of eyeshadow look. These shadows layer quite well on top of one another or with powder eyeshadows. What I do notice is that by about 4 or 5 hours the base color in these eyeshadows will fade and you tend to be left with mostly the glitter. This occurs more often in particular shades than others. These eyeshadows aren't really meant to be worn for really long periods of time because of their emollient formula. Therefore, this formula really isn't for everyone but if you really love a wet eyeshadow look, these are beautiful!

I also want to take time to mention that this formula is a clean formula. This means that the ingredients are very clean and lack the chemicals that are typically found in cosmetic formulations. I have to applaud RÓEN Beauty for keeping their formulas free of toxic chemicals, it is a very rare thing to find in luxury beauty. I appreciate this because as I have gotten older, I have developed some sensitivities to some cosmetic ingredients. I love this formula because it is very comfortable to wear long-term and is non-irritating.


This is a look I created for my RÓEN Beauty Instagram takeover. I start off the look with smudging black eyeliner on my lashline. Then I went in with Rendevous all over the lid with my finger and blending more of the shade into the crease with a dense crease brush. Then I used Yep on the outer corner of my lid with my finger and again, I used the dense crease brush to apply more into the outer corner of the crease. I repeated the placement of Revdevous and Yep on the lower lashline. I then took the shade Meow and patted it on teh center of my lid with my finger. Finally, I used the shade Bask on a small dense brush and applied it to the inner corner of my eyes. 


While I don't believe that this formula is for everyone, I do think it is a beautiful formula! If you love glossy, wet, and sparkly eyes, these are the shadows for you! They really achieve that beautiful effortless runway model look with very little effort. These cream shadows play so well with each other or on top of other eyeshadows. These won't be long-wearing and they will fade and crease but that is the nature of this kind of glossy formula. These are meant to look very lived-in and if that isn't your style, then these just aren't for you. There's really no way of preventing the creasing or fading so, you 'll just have to embrace it. I think these shadows still look really good even after they are faded and worn. It's a very nice way to rock that imperfect glossy smokey look. I personally really enjoy this grab-and-go formula! I can pull together a polished look so quickly and get out the door. I love a glossy look and this is by far, the best glossy eyeshadow formula I have ever come across! I highly reccommend them for anyone who loves this style of makeup. 

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