| Review | Elemis Peptide⁴ Plumping Pillow Facial

| Review | Elemis Peptide⁴ Plumping Pillow Facial 

There are few things I love more in skincare than an overnight mask. They're just so potent and rejuvenating! They literally transform your skin overnight and I swear by them, which is why I am so happy to see Elemis release their version of an overnight facial! Based on the science behind their Peptide⁴ range, this plumping pillow facial really turns your skin into heavenly and plush perfection! This product was kindly gifted to me from Elemis.

For those who aren't familiar with this range, the technology behind it revolves around our circadian rhythm, which is our sleep and wake cycle in a 24-hour period of time. Our bodies function differently during the day than they do at night. During the cycle, our bodies try to repair and care for itself through bodily processes. What this range does is it takes into account all the times when our bodies are caring and repairing our skin by slowly releasing nutrients throughout the day to help it repair itself. I love this technology because it really is backed by so much science. Our skin really does need the most nutrients in the evening times while we are sleeping because that is when our bodies are working overtime to repair our bodies, everything from the inside and out. 

The Elemis Peptide⁴ Plumping Pillow Facial retails for $65.00 USD and is available at Elemis. Housed in a beautiful heavy glass jar, this delightful overnight skin savior is luxurious all around. Admittedly, not great for travel but you can always decant a bit into a travel-friendly jar, which I intend to do because I love it so much.


Overnight facial creams vary widely in their texture and formula but the Elemis has my favorite kind of texture, gel. This super lightweight gel texture feels like a drink of water on the skin! It feels incredibly refreshing and cooling on the skin. This fresh texture doesn't make your skin feel greasy or heavy on your skin, which is so great for all skin types. I love a rich cream but only in the dead of winter because, in the summertime, it can feel incredibly overwhelming to have so much product on your skin. This very fresh gel texture just glides onto the skin like water and absorbs fairly quickly, leaving behind very little residue but a very hydrated and fresh feeling to the skin. It is very nourishing and really will plump up your skin's texture and any lines. When you wake up in the morning, your skin feels very refreshed, renewed, extremely hydrated, and very plump. Because this formula is so nourishing, you really don't need to apply anything with it. However, I really like to layer my products, because I have dry skin and this gel-cream help lock in all the nourishment from any additional serums or treatments I apply underneath. The fragrance of this gel-cream is also so soothing and relaxing. It's one of my favorite things about this range, it will just lull you to sleep.


As with the entire Peptide⁴ range, there are key ingredients specifically curated to synchronize with your skin throughout the evening to renew the skin. These ingredients are meant to treat, repair, and nourish your skin as you sleep. As with many of my skincare reviews, I try to be as thorough as possible and provide as much information as I can through researching ingredients. However, I always recommend that you do your own research as well, as I am not a chemist or the creator of this product, so I can't tell you more than what I can find out.  

Star Avensis Oil - This is one of the hero ingredients in the range and is the ingredient that helps offer the beautiful and soothing floral fragrance. This oil is cold-pressed and is known as one of the richest plant-based sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. This is amazing for dry skin types because it helps reinforce the skin's natural hydration barrier. 

Night Scented Stock Seed Oil - This super anti-oxidant rich cold-pressed oil is extracted from seeds of a Night Scented Stock flower grown in the UK. This oil contains up to ten times more vitamin e than most commercial oils used in skincare. This is the main ingredient that gives the cream its lovely and soothing scent. 

Cold-Pressed Honesty Seed Oil - This oil that derives from a flowering plant, also known as Lunaria, helps support the skin's natural moisture barrier, by retaining moisture and nutrients. The moisture barrier is important to your skin because this helps prevent bacteria from entering into the pores, as well as, keeps your skin protected and healthy, preventing wrinkles and damage to the skin. Your skin's barrier is the natural wall that keeps the bad things out and lets the good things in. Keeping this barrier strong and healthy will ensure your skin will be healthier long-term. This plant has very papery flowers and the seeds it contains has an oil that is very rich in fatty acids, which help naturally nourish and hydrate the skin. These fatty acids are essential in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. This oil also helps improve the firmness and elasticity of your skin, which is very apparent after long-term use of this cream. 

Indian Night Jasmine - Packed with a ton of antioxidants, this flower will help prevent damage from environmental stressors and help promote youthful-looking skin by evening the tone of your skin and reducing age spots. It also contains a natural oil that doesn't clog pores, which is great for all skin types. This ingredient is great for balancing all skin types and is gentle enough for sensitive skin! This flower also adds to the wonderfully soft floral fragrance of this gel-cream. 

Ylang Ylang - Commonly used in aromatherapy, this plant contains a compound called linalool, which has stress-reducing properties making it perfect to include in a night cream! This soothing essential oil has been known to help control emotions, reduce your blood pressure, and heart rate.

Sweet Orange - This extract is an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory ingredient, which is excellent for soothing redness from acne, extremely dry skin, and sensitive skin. Sweet orange is also known to increase the absorption of vitamin c, collagen production, and blood flow. These are all essential for treating signs of aging.


This overnight facial is by far, one of the best ones I have ever used! The texture is so refreshing and lightweight. I love the ultra-hydrating formula packed with potent antiaging ingredients. You really see and feel the results in the morning! It only takes one night of use to see the results and you will be looking in the mirror at renewed, fresh, and plump looking skin. The gel-cream never feels heavy or greasy, which makes it so comfortable to wear overnight. It is really designed with all skin types in mind because it contains skin balancing ingredients. It really creates the plushest and freshest complexion, just like after a facial or a potent sheet mask. The best part is that it does all the work while you sleep! This takes beauty sleep to the next level because of the circadian rhythm syncing peptides that are released at the most optimal points during your sleep cycle. This means your skin is absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients and repairing optimally! There's nothing quite like this technology in the beauty industry right now and it really shows in the results. I can't recommend this product enough! It is a must-have from the Elemis brand and let me tell you, there are a lot of products to choose from. Do your skin a favor and try out this overnight treatment, you won't regret it!

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