| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm

| Review | Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm

The Queen of the Supermodel Glow has done it again! Charlotte Tilbury delivers us a striking new glowing face palette for spring and summer 2019. Everything you need to glow from your eyes to your cheeks can be done using this palette! While I have many cheek products (they're my weakness), I couldn't resist picking up this stunning palette from Charlotte Tilbury. Especially, since there have been rumors about her potentially selling the brand to Estee Lauder. Who knows when her last collection as an independent brand will be and chances are Estee Lauder will change the quality of the brand's products like it has with other brands the company has bought.

The Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm Face Palette in Lovegasm retails for $75.00 USD and is available at Charlotte Tilbury and other retailers. From what I have heard, these are limited edition, so I would get them if you really want them. This stunning selection of glowing face products is housed in a luxurious compact with the most beautiful ethereal watercolor design in the front. The design has the Charlott Tilbury logo placed in the center and looks like it is descending from the heavens. The compact is plastic but it has a nice weight to it and it feels very sturdy. The compact snaps open and closed.


These Glowgasm palettes come in two color-ways Lightgasm, for light to medium skin tones, and Lovegasm for medium to deep skin tones. I wanted to get both versions but had heard many people complain that the bronzer in Lightgasm was very light and hard to build up. If you have a fair skin tone, Lightgasm is a good option but for light-medium and onward, I would go with the deeper palette. The palettes have very similar shades, with Lightgasm leaning a bit more pink and Lovegasm leaning a bit more coral. I prefer a more coral toned blush anyhow, so I am glad I bought the deeper of the two palettes.

Each palette contains 4 products, a highlighter, an illuminating blush, a pigmented shimmering blush, and a bronzer. Here are the shades in the Lovegasm Palette:

Highlighter - This highlighter is a warm yellow-gold shimmer. This can be worn quite sheer or built up to be very intense. I can see why this palette is intended for medium to deep skin tones because this highlighter is a deeper and more golden than the one offered in the Lightgasm palette. This gold is a very flattering gold shade and can work for fair skin tones all the way to deep skin tones.

Multi-Glow - I feel like this "Multi-Glow shade should be swapped with the "Pop Blush" shade because this shade is so much more intense and pigmented. I don't see myself using a lot of this shade but more as an accent or "pop" shade. This blush shade is a very intense rosey copper shimmer. It looks stunning on a medium to deep skin tone and really adds a beautiful warmth and glow to the cheeks. It also makes for a lovely eyeshadow shade, perhaps that's why it's considered a "Multi-Glow" shade.

Bronze - This bronzer is a soft satin warm bronze shade. It has a tinge or an orange tone but won't make you look orange. This shade is not as pigmented as the other shades in the palette but it builds up very nicely. The bronzer adds the perfect amount of warmth for a fair to medium skin tone however, on a tan to deep skin tone, it may be too light.

Pop Blush - This shade is a very shimmery light rose with a strong gold shimmer throughout it. Very reminiscent of the infamous NARS Orgasm Blush, this shade is glow than blush. The soft rose is very subtle and soft, while teh gold shimmer comes on quite strong. This shade would look lovely on a fair to medium skin tone however, on a tan to deep skin tone, it may be more of a highlighter.

Heavily Swatched

Blended Swatches



The highlighter in this palette is almost practically identical to the shade Gold Bullion in the Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Palette (review here). The shade in the Lovegasm palette may be a touch less amber in tone but when applied on the skin, I don't think you will notice a huge difference. Compared to the Original Gold shade, this Lovegasm Highlight is much warmer and deeper with more of a yellow tone than the Orignal Bar of Gold.

Swatched from left to right: Lovegasm Highlighter, Gold Bullion, Original Bar of Gold

Pop Blush 

The Pop Blush compared next to NARS Orgasm and Goulue is much lighter and warmer than both shades. You can see the Pop Blush has a much softer true rose base with a much stronger gold shimmer than NARS Orgasm. NARS Orgasm is has a much stronger pink base, is cooler in tone, and has much less shimmer. NARS Goulue is a much deeper pink with mauve undertones and lacks the gold shimmer.

Swatched from left to right: Lovegasm Pop Shade, NARS Orgasm, NARS Goulue


The powders in this palette are made in the very popular baked gel-powder formula, which can be used wet or dry. I must say that these powders, for the most part, are pigmented enough when used dry. Applying it wet, by spritzing your brush after picking up the product, will just make the shimmer more intense. This is a good method for applying the products on the eyes but for the face, I don't think it's necessary, especially if you use setting spray afterward. The powders are all very finely milled and don't emphasize texture but if you have extremely textured skin, I would be wary about applying too much product.


The highlighter is very pigmented and has a soft texture. It can be applied very intense with very little product to give a glow. The finish is more of a very strong gleam as opposed to strong shimmer, which I prefer. A little of this highlighter goes a very long way and will give you a very intense glow. It can give you a look anywhere from a soft glow to an almost wet gleam to the skin.

Multi-Glow & Pop Blush 

These both have an identical formula to the Highlighter. They are both very soft and very pigmented. They contain a very strong shimmer that translates to a strong gleam on the cheeks. I would be careful about picking up too much product with these because they are so pigmented and they blend out so easily. You can look overly flushed very quickly with these two products.


This powder is a bit harder in formula than the other two. It takes more effort and more layering to achieve a strong pigment but in this case, I prefer it. I think a bronzer is easier to use and it is easier to get a seamless result when you layer. This bronzer applies very evenly and blends into the skin effortlessly. I like the formula of this powder a lot however, I think the shade really limits the skin tones it will suit.


This palette is marketed as a full-face palette that can be used on the eyes and cheeks. For the eyes, I applied the Bronzer into my crease and blended it out. I kept is very diffused and blown out. I used the Highlight shade in the very inner corner, the Pop shade on the inner half of the lid, and the Multi-Purpose shade on the outer corner. Because the shades are so warm and shimmery, you really need something to ground the look, so I used a deep brown liner and smudged it into the lashline. Just a bit for definition and to avoid looking like my eyes were pink and puffy because I was sick.

For cheeks, I used everything as intended except I used the Pop shade as my all-over cheek color and the Multi-Purpose shade as a pop on the very apple of my cheek. This makes more sense to me because the Multi-Purpose shade is so vibrant and pigmented. If I put it all over my cheek, it would look like too much.

On my lips, I applied the limited edition Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in American Sweetheart. I believe that she has a similar shade in the range. It's just a creamy peachy-pink nude shade. I also wanted to mention that I used the Brightening Youth Glow Primer (full review here) and the Light Wonder Foundation as a base,

Overall, the look is very fresh and glowing! I really love it for a quick summer look!


If you love a lot of glow, this is the palette for you! It is extremely glowy to the max and I'm pretty sure astronauts will see you from space. While the shimmer is strong, it's also very finely milled, so you don't have issues with it emphasizing texture. At first, I thought using this palette all over the face was going to be a bit overkill because I often like to mix up my textures and finishes for a more dimensional overall look. However, after using all the shades together on my eyes and cheeks, I'm really sold on this look! It's not as overly shiny as I thought it would be. I really thought that it would be too much glow for me but because the textures are so fine that it looks sophisticated instead of tacky. It's a beautiful look for spring and summer. I am so impressed with this formula and I have rarely encountered products that are this pigmented! I love the soft and buildable formula of all the powders. I really think the quality of this palette is wonderful and it would make a lovely travel companion. I highly recommend picking this palette up if it will suit your skin tone because it is really beautiful! 

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  1. I have the lightgasm face palette, which are the perfect shades for my light skin tone. I have used it so much since buying it when it first released.