| Review | NARS Fever Dream Face Palettes

| Review | NARS Fever Dream Face Palettes 

Are you getting ready for spring and summer travels this year? I know I have a couple mini trips planned this year and packing is always an ordeal. I mean I'm probably still going to over-pack my beauty bag significantly but I feel like having some travel palettes handy will reduce the amount of over-packing that will inevitably happen. These limited edition palettes from NARS immediately drew my attention with their neutral and wearable shades. Also, I have feeling these are going to be essential in my travel kit.


The NARS Fever Dream Face Palettes in Lost in Luster and Wild Thing retail for $49.00 USD and are limited edition and exclusive to Nordstrom (in the U.S.). Unfortunately, I don't know where to find these internationally. These may release on a different date depending on where you live. These palettes are housed in a very sturdy compact with a beautiful vibrant plastic encased design in the front and the compact itself is made of a sturdy plastic. The palette feels very strong and secure and the size is perfect for traveling. This is something that can fit into a small handbag if you need it to. The configuration of the palette is very well thought out and simple. 


These palettes come in two color-ways, which will suit fair to tan skin tones. At least the slightly deeper one will probably suit up to tan skin tones. The problem with full-face palettes is that it's very much catered to a skin tone and it is really difficult to make universal face palettes. In this case, it really feels like there is one for fair skin tones and one for medium skin tones. It's really hard when you include cheek products because they really won't show up on all skin tones, depending on the colors you choose. These palettes come with an eyeshadow quad, one highlighter, and one blush.


Swatches from left to right: As you please, Let go, Dazed, Free Fall

As you please (top left) - This shade is a soft pale matte brown with a subtle peachy warm undertone. This shade is your ideal blending shade for most skin tones. It blends out very well and applies very smooth.  

Let Go (top right) - This shade is a soft light-medium brown leaning slightly cool.  It can be built up to be deeper and it is about two shades deeper than the As You Please shade to it's left. It makes a very good defining shade.

Dazed (bottom left) - This shade is a soft peachy rose gold shade with a soft sheeny glow. This shade is less golden on the eyes than it appears in the pan. This shade pairs well with the warm tones of the As you please shade. 

Free Fall (bottom right) - This shade is a soft taupe with a subtle bronze tone and a sheeny glowing finish. This shade is quite cool-toned and is slightly deeper than Dazed. 

Cheek Products

Free to Fly (highlighter) - This champagne shade has a very subtle golden tone and a very finely milled texture. It offers a beautiful soft glow but can be built up for more intensity without looking too metallic on the skin. 

Crush (blush) - This shade is a light satin peachy coral shade with a very fine sheen from some microshimmer. You won't be able to see the shimmer on the cheeks but it add just a touch more dimension. It is on the lighter side but it has a strong pigmentation. I find on my medium skin it takes a little building but it shows up well and lasts all day. This formula can appear like it is sitting on top of the skin, so it isn't as seamless of a formula as I hoped. 

Overall, this quad of shadows offers a very soft nude eye look. It is very one-toned though, so there isn't a lot of complexity or depth because most of the shades are so similar in intensity and tone. However, it creates a great look for a bold lip, for a polished and professional look, or for a beautiful soft bridal look. What I did notice about the mattes in this palette is that they are very hard pressed into the pan and they did have hard pan after a little use. I really love the color and the texture of the highlighter in this palette but the blush is a bit hard to blend into the skin. The blush sits on top of the skin more than other blushes I own. 


Swatches from left to right: Alive, Psyched, Erratic, Lala

Alive (top left) - This a slightly warm medium brown that makes an excellent crease and blending shade. It is very cream and pigmented and doesn't require a lot of effort to build. 

Psyched (top right) - This shade is a deeper matte warm brown that is very rich and offers a lot of depth to the overall look. It is still in the mid-toned range but can add a ton of definition and depth. 

Erratic (bottom left)  - This shade is a soft metallic golden champagne shade with a coppery undertone. It has a very gilded finish and a beautifully creamy texture. 

Lala (bottom right) - This shade is a very warm copper bronze that adds a lot of depth to the overall look. It applied a bit deeper than it looks in the pan and it has an amazing creamy consistency. 

Cheek Products 

No Limit - This light golden highlighter looks much more gold than it applies on the skin, which is my personal preference. I tend to find gold highlighters to be too golden, which can often be unflattering but this one offers a beautiful golden sheen on my medium skin tone. 

Goddess Complex - This shade is like a much peachier version of the infamous, orgasm blush. It has a very peach base with a hit of pink and fine gold shimmer. It is very pigmented and it last all day long!

This color combination has a lot more variety in depth than the Lost in Luster palette. The colors are richer and have much creamier formula. This look is much more warm and coppery but is still neutral enough to wear everyday. The formula of the cheek products are significantly more pigmented in this palette and they have a very warm tone to them.These cheek products pair beautifully with the shadows to create a very cohesive overall look. 



I found the eyeshadows in the Wild Thing palette to be slightly creamier and more pigmented than the shadows in Lost in Luster. I found the matte shadows in Lost in Luster to require a lot more layering to get more intensity but they still blended out easily and applied evenly. The shimmer eyeshadows were the most impressive formula because they are so smooth, creamy, and apply with full pigment every time. Like the matte shadows, the Wild Thing palette's shimmer shadows were slightly creamier and more pigmented. The shadows lasted all day with a primer underneath and the shades didn't get muddy or fade.

Cheek Products 

The highlighters in both palettes are very silky and finely milled. The highlighters applied smoothly, evenly, and offer a seamless glow without emphasizing any texture. They can easily be built up and the blend into the skin very well. The matte blush in the Lost in Luster Palette (Crush) applies a Goddess Complex) is very pigmented and little goes a long way. It blends very well into the skin and fine shimmers offer a nice glow but don't emphasize texture. What I do appreciate about these blushes is their lasting power. Once on the skin, they last beyond 8 hours! I was very surprised and impressed with how well these stayed on the skin. That alone makes these palettes well worth it!


Here are the palettes in action on the face: 

Lost in Luster 

Wild Thing 


There are a lot of mid-tone shades in both palettes, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Yes, you can't get a lot of depth or complexity using the palettes alone but the overall looks are still beautiful and you can always bring along an additional single shadow or two to add more depth to your look. For everyday and for travel, I think these are great palettes. They both offer beautiful naturally polished looks and you don't really need anything additional to look put together. Overall, the Wild Thing Palette is slightly better than the Lost in Luster as far as quality pigmentation, and range of shades. If I had to recommend one, it would be the Wild Thing Palette. However, Lost in Luster really has it's merits. The nude eye look that the palette offers is so beautiful, plus it's quick and easy to pull together. I really enjoy it as an everyday palette. It's been a while since I've really gravitated towards NARS and I have no regrets about these two! I think they're both excellent palettes and I can see taking them with me on my future travels. I think the color combinations were very well done and I'm very impressed with the formulas of all the products. If you were considering getting these palettes, I highly recommend them!

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