| Review | Guerlain Spring 2019 Meteorites Highlighter Duo

| Review | Guerlain Spring 2019 Meteorites Highlighter Duo 

It's been a very long time since I have purchased something from Guerlain. I really moved away from the brand in the last couple years because while more brands became more inclusive to more skin tones, Guerlain stayed the same. Additionally, while I love their classic style, they are lacking in innovation. There are so many exciting new and innovative products and formulas but Guerlain hasn't really pushed the envelope with their formulations until now. For the first time that I have seen, they have released a highlighter in this gel-powder formula, which is a very modern formulation and one of my favorites! I hope it lives up to my standards.


The Guerlain Spring 2019 Meteorites Highlighter Duo retails for $62.00 USD and is available at Guerlain. It is packaged in a geometric plastic white compact. The compact has an unusual shape and isn't the easiest to open. The compact snaps shut with a traditional compact clasp but there is not groove or divot to stick your fingernail into to pry the top and bottom apart. Also, because the compact is a slick plastic texture, it is hard to get a grip and open the compact. I have a feeling I might stick my nail through the product one of these day trying to open this compact. 


The product itself is stunning! The highlighter is a split duo of pink and lavender but there is more pink than lavender. The highlighter is a embossed with an almost crystal like texture and design. 

This highlighter duo has two very spring appropriate shades but again, my criticism with the brand is the lack of offering for more skin tones. 

Pink (left) - This shade is a very pale and soft pink with pink shimmers throughout it. When applied to the skin, it creates quite a light cool and slightly silvery glow but with subtle pink reflects. The pink shine isn't obvious until you tilt your face into the light to catch the pink reflects. 

Lavender (right) - This pale and soft lavender shade is very much like it's other half. It has a very soft, light and subtle silvery glow but with lavender reflects. Again, in order to really see the lavender reflects you must layer the product and you will still only see it in the right light, when the lavender reflects are caught in the light. 

Mixed - The combination of the two shades is exactly what you'd expect, a cool silvery base with pink and lavender reflects. Since the two shades have the same base color and tone, it is very easy to mix the two. This creates a more complex highlighter with more nuances that the two alone.


The formula of this highlighter duo is a baked gel-powder formula. This is one of my favorite formulas because it tends to have a smoother consistency and more even application than other powder formulas. Instead of sitting on the skin, like many powders, it fuses and becomes part of the skin. This highlighter is consistent with many formulas I have used before. It is very smooth and applies very evenly, blending into the skin seamlessly. 

This formula can range in finish from soft and subtle to metallic and intense. This highlighter falls on the former side of this range, it's pretty subtle. I applied several layers and even then, it is quite a soft finish but it still creates quite a nice reflect. When used dry, it provides just the perfect amount of highlighter for a good reflect but don't expect anything dramatic or for your cheekbones to pop. I like the finish, it really aligns with the brand and the whole meteorites range, which is soft and glowing. This highlighter will look really good in person, as well as, in photos because it doesn't emphasize texture but still offers a glow. You can amp up the intensity by spraying your face with fixing or setting spray afterwards or you can spray your brush during application for a little more glow.


While the formula, color, and finish of this product is beautiful, I just don't feel it's a must-have. This is definitely a Guerlain meteorites product. What I mean by this is, it is exactly what you would expect as far as color, finish, and formula but it isn't unique enough for me to recommend running out and getting one. The soft glow is beautiful for spring and I can see why this product is included in the spring collection. It is nice to see Guerlain trying to break out of their traditional formulas and products and bringing out something new. I just wish it was something that was new to the market, not just the brand. It just seems a little too late to jump onto these new formulas. With how many new products are constantly being released every month, I just feel like this highlighter duo isn't special enough to recommend. I would say if you're a big fan of the brand and the meteorites range, grab this highlighter because the quality is exceptional. However, there are many highlighters in the sea of collections every year and this one is just a common guppy. 

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