| Review | Dazzle Dry Nail System

| Review | Dazzle Dry Nail System 

I HATE doing my nails. I just want them to look nice and be polished but I also don't want to pay someone to do this weekly. That puts me a real dilemma. There are many things I don't like about doing my own nails. With traditional nail polishes, it literally takes forever for your nails to dry! I don't have the time of patience for this at all. So I would normally opt for gel nails but there are many things I hate about gel nails! Like the fact that you'll need a jackhammer to remove the stuff and afterwards your nails are ruined! I'm often very skeptical about gel nail alternatives because I had yet to get the same results, until now! While this post is sponsored by Dazzle Dry, I had tried this system prior to being offered to write about them and I truly believe this will change your nail routine FOREVER! Also, I'm terrible at painting my nails, so forgive the messiness of my manicures. You've been pre-warned!

What is the Dazzle Dry Nail System? 

This system is an alternative to LED or UV lamp gel nail polish, which is not only easy to apply but it's easy to remove! You may be thinking that this sounds like all those lamp-free gel polishes you can find on the market but it's not. The lamp-free "gel polishes" are usually just regular nail polishes that give an extra shiny effect but they don't last nearly as long as a real gel manicure. With this system, you actually get the long wear time of a real gel manicure! I'm not kidding, I actually had my nails grow out before there was a chip on my finger!

How much does it cost? 

Dazzle dry offers several different sets, as well as the products individually

The Dazzle Dry Nail System retails for $62.00 USD for the essential steps of the system. This includes a full-size of the Nail Prep, the Base Coat, the Top Coat, and the Nail Polish Reviver. 

The Core Essentials Kit retails for $64.00 USD, which includes a full-size of the Nail Prep, the Base Coat, the Top Coat, the Nail Polish Reviver, and the Nail Polish Remover. 

You can choose from their HUNDREDS of  Nail Lacquer colors for $18.00 USD each. 

They even have a Mini Sampler Kit that retails for $25.00 USD, which includes mini versions of the Nail Prep, the Base Coat, the Top Coat, and one Nail Lacquer shade. These kits come in many different Lacquer shades fir you to choose from and try! 

How does it work? 

This system is very straight forward and easy to use, each step is labeled on the bottle itself and while it may seem like many steps, it goes by SO quickly! Each of the steps takes less than a minute to dry! If you're always ruining your manicure because you are inpatient or you just have stuff to do, you'll LOVE this system! I have never experienced such fast drying nail polishes in my entire life. That was what initially impressed me but it only get's better from there. Here is the super simple and super fast process (when I mean super fast, I mean SUPER FAST! I did my nails in the morning before work once!): 

Step 1: Starting with the Nail Prep, you apply this all over each nail to cleanse and prep for the layers of polish. This fluid is very light and dries very quickly. 

Step 2: Taking the Base Coat, apply this clear base all over the nails. Again, this takes only about a minute to dry. 

Step 3: Select your Nail Lacquer shade. They have so many beautiful shades and finishes! They have cream shades, metallic, shimmer, glitter, and basically i every color imaginable! I have three shades Timeless (a metallic lilac), Fascination (a cool nude cream) and Such A Nympho (a multi-colored pink and red glitter). The non-glitter shades are very pigmented but will require a second layer for a very opaque and even application. Even with two layers, painting my nails is so fast and easy. It is actually fool-proof, which is amazing because I am the worst at painting my nails! Each layer dries so quickly. 

Step 4: Finally, seal everything in with the Top Coat, which applied very evenly and smooth. What I really like about this Top Coat formula is that it has a nice consistency. It isn't too thick and goopy, which I have experienced with the "gel" top coats that are intended fro regular nail polishes. It also isn't so runny, that it moves into the edges of the nails. It just glides over leaving a beautiful super glossy finish to your nails, like a gel manicure. The Top Coat also dries very quickly and creates the texture of a gel nail manicure, which I have never seen before! 

How does it compare to a salon-quality gel manicure? 

It's SPOT ON! I LOVE a good gel polish manicure from the salon but my favorite salon charges $35.00 for a gel polish manicure! It will last a week and then my nails have grown out and I have that nice gap and they don't do fillers for a gel nail polish. 

This system keeps my nail polish CHIP-FREE for beyond A WHOLE WEEK! Listen, I'm really bad about removing my nail polish and even after my nails have grown out after a week the tips did not have a single chip! I'm also very hard on my hands, I type a lot for work and for this blog, I clean my house and wash the dishes without gloves, and I also play a fair amount of computer games. So what I'm saying is my nails take quite a beating but the polish didn't chip! 

I think the BEST difference between a Dazzle Dry manicure and a salon gel polish manicure is that the Dazzle Dry is so EASY TO REMOVE! If you have ever sat around soaking your finger tips in acetone, only to spend time hacking away at the nail polish anyways, you will be so thankful for this system. You don't have to ruin your nails and or soak them in chemicals to remove the polish. The nail polish easily comes off with Nail Polish Remover. Your nails will be so much healthier and stronger after using this system over a UV or LED gel nail polish system. 

What are the benefits of using Dazzle Dry over traditional nail polishes? 

The Dazzle Dry nail polishes dry significantly faster than traditional nail polishes. They last significantly longer than traditional nail polishes and they take less time to apply! Finally, they're just as easy to remove as traditional nail polish. Just a bit of nail polish remover takes it off very easily.  No scrubbing, soaking, or scrapping needed! Keeping your nails super healthy and looking good. 

I honestly can't imagine using regular nail polish anymore. This system is so quick and convenient! It lasts for beyond a week and it looks better than traditional nail polish! It give you a salon quality gel manicure look! 


I have never been much of a nail polish person, mostly because of my laziness and impatience for the whole process (as you can probably tell by my haphazard application). I used to find it so tedious and time consuming, only for me to become impatient and start doing things anyways and denting my beautiful manicure. Or if I managed to somehow not mess up my manicure immediately, within a day or two, my nails are chipped! Like I said, I'm just very hard on my hands and nails, so it's really hard to for me to maintain my manicure until I started using this system. This gel nail polish system has really impressed me! I have been so happy with the results and the process. I really never thought I'd be able to complete a decent manicure in 5 minutes and have it last me for 1 week! I'm seriously insanely impressed. I plan on buying more shades and continuing to use this system for the rest of my life. No lie, I love how fast this polish dries and how it lasts for SO long! 

I HIGHLY recommend this system! Trust me, just get the little trial pack and test it out for yourself. You'll come back for the full size of this system! It's really incredible and life-changing! 


  1. They sound incredible! Power stay plays such a key role in my choice of polishes. The shades are beautiful neutrals as well...win win all around. Great review babe ��

  2. I love DD, it's an amazing Lacquer system and it's strong and beautiful, and GOOD for your nails! :) I go between Orly gel and DD lacquer... I have a hard time sticking to one thing. haha! /Heather L.

  3. Can you share the names of colors you have tried, and pictures how they look on your hands?

  4. In order for my hands to always look well-groomed, I go to a salon where I entrust the care of hands and nails to my manicurist.

  5. Love, love this stuff. Be sure and follow directions and it is easy and fast