| Review | Laura Mercier Glow Brush

| Review | Laura Mercier Glow Brush 

When I first saw this brush, I was mesmerized because it looked so unique and cool! The shape is unlike any brush I had ever seen! Trust me, your're going to want 100 of these brushes!

I was sent this product along with the Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow complimentary from Influenster. If you don't know what Influenster is, it is a program open to anyone, not only bloggers and Instagramers, that allows you to qualify for testing new products! The more reviews and surveys you submit the more likely you will be chosen for a free box! Check it out here: www.influenster.com/r/1500687

The Laura Mercier Glow Brush retails for $38.00 USD and is available at Sephora and other retailers. 

First of all, I have always been a huge fan of Laura Mercier brushes. Back when I was first building my kit for makeup artistry, I wanted some really high quality brushes for my kit and while MAC had some nice ones, i found Laura Mercier brushes were far superior and they had the shapes I was really looking for. I have many Laura Mercier brushes in my collection however, many of them are natural hair because this was long before their movement to synthetic hairs. This is my first synthetic brush I own from them and I'm totally OBSESSED

This brush is designed to go with their Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow (full review here), while I didn't love the setting powder, I really fell in love with this brush! The unique curved shape is so innovative and incredible! Why did no one think to make a brush like this before? I'm actually shocked because this is the PERFECT powder brush shape! The brush is dense and has short rounded bristles at one end and curves and tapers to a wider end. The curve is the perfect shape to get underneath you eyes while hugging your cheekbones, it is perfect for on your cheek and into the contour of your cheek, it is perfect for your jaw and around your jawline, and it is is perfect for going around your nose and other contours of your face! Yes, I used perfect so many times because I mean it! It's PERFECT!!!!

So essentially you use the brush in sweeping motions mostly horizontal following the natural curves and contours of your face. It is so easy to use and it really sets you makeup flawlessly! The synthetic bristles are incredibly soft and when you look at the way the bristles are cut, it is truly beautiful craftsmanship! I am seriously blown away by this brush! I don't know how we have been living in a world without it for so long because it truly beautiful and should be an essential in everyone's collection! I find this brush perfectly distributes powder on the face without disturbing the makeup underneath and the soft bristles glide beautifully on skin. If you are a big fan of "baking", you will really love this brush for laying down powder because it lays down the powder so precisely and to fit the contours of your face. After you're done baking, than you can sweep the powder off with the brush really easily because it forms so well to your face!

You will very rarely see me rave about a tool or brush but this one is so revolutionary! It really will change your makeup game! It just makes powder application so beautiful and easy! It's been a while since i have bought brushes, mostly because I own so many high quality ones but I want to buy 100 of these! I never want to be without it! Speaking from experience, Laura Mercier brushes are of superior quality and I have had mine for over 9 years and I have had no problems with shedding or brushes staring to fall apart! If you want to invest in some good brushes, I have to recommend the Laura Mercier brushes but you MUST start with this one! It is something so unique and fantastic! 

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