| Lifestyle | Why I Switched To Magnetic Eyelashes

| Lifestyle | Why I Switched To Magnetic Eyelashes

If you're dysfunctional when it comes to applying false lashes, don't worry you're not alone. Even as a seasoned veteran of fake lashes, I still often goof up and end up having to reapply my lashes, or even my makeup because I have ruined the whole look by my clumsy lash application. This new lash technology from MoxieLash may be exactly what we all need in our lives. They're magnetic lashes and while they sound crazy, they offer a lot of benefits as opposed to the traditional strip lashes you may suffer with applying. I am so excited to talk to you about how these MoxieLashes have completely changed my makeup routine and have made it so much easier to ear lashes daily. The post is sponsored by MoxieLash but assure you that all my thoughts and opinions are my own. The links in this post are not affiliate links.  


I think one of the biggest and most important benefits of magnetic lashes for me is that is doesn't require glue that can often irritate the eyes. I recently started having bad reactions with non-latex glue that caused my eye lids to swell and become very itchy. Usually many people have the opposite, they have a latex allergy makes it impossible to wear false lashes. With new technology came different glue formulations but they can also contain irritating and allergy-inducing ingredients. Using magnetic lashes eliminates the need for glue!


Lash glue is so messy! The application of the glue to the lash is a messy process, even with the ones with the little wand, glues have that runny consistency that drips and moves around all over the place. Then there's the problem of applying too much or too little. If you apply to much it's a mess but if you don't apply enough your lashes won't stick to your lid.

Then comes application, where you have to wait for the glue to get tacky and if you don't give it enough time, then you end up with the lash sliding all over and ruining you makeup. If you place the lash even just slightly off, it can ruin your eye makeup and you'll have glue where you don't want it. If you didn't apply enough glue at the ends, your lashes will lift up and come off throughout the day.

After you finally get your lashes on and wear them all day, you have to come home and clean you lashes. You have to pick off the excess glue but you'll never get it all because it's stuck to the band. So you're more likely to damage your lashes trying to remove the glue or you just have to leave the remaining glue on there. There's also the issue, especially with non-latex glues, of glue being stuck to your eyes. I find myself often having to remove stubborn bits of glue stuck in my lashline and between my lashes.

Also, if you didn't know glue can expire and when it does, not only does it stop working but the consistency becomes a runny mess. Just saying, the less you have to deal with glue, the better.

With magnetic lashes, you literally just apply them and forget about them until the end of day. Then you gently peel them off, like you would normal lashes. There's no cleaning, no glue, no glue residue!


I think this is obvious since you don't have to deal with glue but with regular lashes there's also the struggle of ensuring you tuck in the corners really well so they don't lift up. With magnetic lashes, the magnets basically do all the work!

There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to application but MoxieLash actually offers a Magnetic Lash Applicator on their website that allow you to easily apply the lashes onto your eyes! It works very similar to an eyelash curler. You just place the lashes on the edge, bring it to your eye and close the applicator down. The magnets will attract to each other and stay on your eyes until you're ready to remove them!

When you need to remove them, you simply take your thumb and index finger pinch the top and bottom lash and gentle shift the magnets and remove the lashes!

The best part of magnetic lashes is that you can always adjust them without ruining your whole look. If you don't place them where you want them, you can always remove them and re-apply them until they're perfect! I love this because there are many times my lash application gets a little clumsy and it ends up too far on the outer edge or the inner edge and I can't adjust it without ruining everything.

The MoxieLash applicator is like a lash curler, use it to curl you lashes first. 

Remove the rubber pad and place the top and bottom lash on the applicator. 

Place the applicator on your eyes and slowly squeeze the applicator together. 

The magnets will snap together over you natural lashes and the lash is applied!


If you really care for them, magnetic lashes can last so long and have basically unlimited uses! You would save so much money in the long run. The MoxieLash Magnetic lashes are actually made of mink, which means they very soft, natural, and high quality! After discover mink lashes, it's really hard to go back to the human hair ones, these just have this soft fluttery finish that is hard to replicate! I never apply mascara to my false lashes. I always apply mascara first, then wait for it to completely dry before apply my lashes. Then I take the applicator lash curler and fuse the false lashes with my real ones.


I already touched on the point that you hardly ever have to replace these and you can get a ton of uses out of them but it's also significantly cheaper than getting lash extensions or buying a lash serum! Eyelash extensions are super high maintenance and require you to go back in for fills. The initial application is already quite expensive but throw in the cost of maintenance and you're looking at very expensive few weeks of having long lashes. Plus with extensions, you can't even wear mascara and some eyeliners! Also, as they begn to fallout and you don't get fills, your lashes will look very uneven and wonky. It seems more cumbersome than it's worth. Lash serums can cost hundreds of dollars and they may or may not work for you. Not only that, their results aren't permanent you need to consistently use the serum indefinitely, which will costs you thousands in a year! Those tubes of serum have very little product in them, yet they sell them for hundreds of dollars.

I think of magnetic lashes as one time cost for the year. They can last you a very long time and they come at a very reasonable price.


Because magnetic lashes are so easy to apply, you can actually wear lashes daily! I always admired people who put in the time and effort to actually wear false lashes on a daily basis because that is a real commitment to do every day. It was something I would never consider because who has the time to deal with lashes every day and fuss with glue? The magnetic lashes have made it so easy for to actually wear lashes every day. It suddenly seems so much more practical than it did before.


I am all about day to night makeup but it isn't easy to swap your lash style with traditional false lashes. When you remove them, you ended up taking a fair amount of your eye makeup with them. With magnetic lashes, you can easily go from day to night by switching up you lash style! Choose more natural styles for the day, then swap it out for a more dramatic pair for night! How fun is that?

I love the MoxieLash Baby Lashes, which are shorter little end lashes that can be easily applied to the outer corner of the eyes for daytime and I love switching to the full strip for night time! 

MoxieLash Baby Lashes and Moxie Line Eyeliner and Moxie Mascara.

Closeup on the half lashes. These are so easy to apply!


The big reason why we all love lashes is that they make such a huge impact on your overall look, the open up your eyes, and create this flirty and sexy look that can't be done with most makeup products! It has always been how much effort and time that goes into applying lashes that has continued to deter me from wearing false lashes, even when I have an event to go to. Magnetic lashes still give you that amazing impact to your look without any effort!

MoxieLash Baby Lashes on the outer corner of one eye. Look at the difference it makes! It really lifts my eyes! 

Eyes closed, it looks so natural and beautiful! 

MoxieLash Full Strip Lash on one eye. A huge difference in my to eyes! 


Since I started using magnetic lashes, it is really hard to go back to traditional eyelashes! I am really tired of fussing with glue and having to clean my eyelashes. Magnetic lashes are so easy and convenient that I am actually able to wear them daily! They are so much cheaper than eyelash extensions, which I have considered but they are so high maintenance. I love the look and feel of these MoxieLashes because they are high quality mink lashes. They are so comfortable to wear for long periods of time and they look so beautiful and natural! I love how many uses you can get out these mink lashes because you aren't ruining the lash band with glue. They really make such a huge impact on my overall look but take only seconds to apply! I highly recommend trying magnetic lashes, they are a extraordinary invention and I really wish I had jumped on this trend sooner! They really have change my makeup routine for life and I can't imagine wearing traditional lashes again.