| Review | Clarins Instant Light Comfort Lip Oil

| Review | Clarins Instant Light Comfort Lip Oil 

Lip oils are always a tricky formulation that has me on the fence on whether they are a necessary or just a gimmicky product. Many formulations seem to offer little to no hydration despite being a oil and they seem to disappear from the lips very quickly. It has made me extremely hesitant when it comes to buying lip oils. I had heard amazing things about the Clarin's Lip Oils and was very excited to receive this shade complimentary from Clarins and Octoly. 

The Clarins Instant Light Comfort Lip Oils retail for $26.00 USD and are available at Sephora and other retailers. They are packaged in a simple chunky clear tube with a large chunky doe-foot applicator. They come in 8 different shades at the moment, ranging from a very sheer honey shade to a deep berry shade, and even one with a bit of shimmer! Naturally, due to it's sheer oil formula the color offered will be just a faint tint.

The color I have is Candy, a bright and fresh pink in the tube! It looks so juicy and refreshing on the lips. It offers such a pretty hint of pink to my lips that looks incredibly natural. I was very surprised when I first applied this product because it doesn't feel oily at all! In fact, the consistency is much closer to a gloss! It has a thick and rich gel-texture but doesn't feel at all sticky or goopey. It offers a ultra-shiny and glossy finish. It smooths out my lip lines and texture and just makes my lips look very plump and juicy! Because of its thicker texture, the oil actually last about 2-4 hours on your lips and the hydration it provides goes beyond that. Even after the glossy oil has worn off, it actually leaves a beautiful soft stain on my lips! I was always hesitant to try these because I feared they would be like many of the lip oils I tried before, light and greasy but provided no moisture. I now feel like slapping myself in the face for not trying these sooner! No wonder everyone is talking about these, they are actually worth the hype! I expect to be getting more of these in the future because they are truly so good!

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  1. That lip oil looks gorgeous on you! I have had my eye on these from Clarins. Was thinking about trying one. They look so pretty and I'm never disappointed with their products.