| Review | Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask

| Review | Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask 

I have a deep obsession with lip balms because I find if I don't slather my lips in something in the evening, I will awake with very uncomfortable, dry, and flaky lips. In fact, there are some times even when I slather on a balm, my lips are still dry in the morning! I have been wanting to try a lip mask for a long time and I am very happy to have been sent this Lip Sleeping Mask by Mamonde and Octoly for review purposes.

Mamonde is a Korean skincare brand whose philosophy is "There's more to flowers than their beauty." The line of product revolves around extracts from flowers and natural skin-loving ingredients. The brand is actually owned by the very famous Korean skincare brand, AmorePacific! This luxury Korean skincare brand can be found at retailers like Sephora and Neiman Marcus! This affordably priced sister brand sounds very promising.

The Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask retails for $14.00 USD and is available at Ulta and other retailers. The balm is contained in a simple and classic plastic container. I don't think lip balms need to be extravagantly packaged to be good and besides, a simple packaging is best for travel. I often like to toss a balm in my handbag for daily use and it's best when I don't have to worry about fancy packaging. The packaging is still very beautiful with a simple label that reflects the brand's aesthetic perfectly. 

While this product is considered a "sleeping mask", you don't necessarily have to use it as an night time treatment. Of course this is the time when I love to slather on the balm, so this is how I most often use this product. I find the balm is shockingly not as emollient as I thought it would be. It has a very jelly-like texture, which I love when it comes to lip products. It makes your lips feel very smooth and plush. You really only need very little! I swipe my finger lightly over the surface of the balm and it is more than enough to fully hydrate my lips all day or all night! I typically have to slather on my balm in a thick layer for my lips to feel nourished and soft in the morning but this balm accomplishes this goal with very little product! It also has a barely discernible fresh fragrance, which I really like because heavy fragrances in the evening can make it difficult to sleep. The lack of fragrance also makes it great for sensitive skin types! 

I have tried many lip balms, many of them good and very few that are exceptional, this one is exceptional! I love using this in the evenings as a deep treatment but I also apply it to prep my lips during the day or if I really need something throughout the day. I find that if I apply it in the evening, that is enough hydration to last me all day long, so it is very rare that I will apply this product during the day unless the weather is particularly severe. I have noticed my lip lines are significantly diminished and they are consistently smooth and plump. I highly recommend this lip mask! It comes at such an affordable price for a good amount of product and it works so well!