| Review | REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum

Review | REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum

Two words...Serum Primer... I know, it makes no sense right now but that's what this product is! Have you ever heard of such a thing? I haven't! It is honestly the most innovative products I have heard of lately! I unfortunately was unable to go to the launch party for this product but I am very grateful that REN sent me a bottle to try out.  

The REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum retails for $55.00 USD for 1.02oz and is available at Sephora and other retailers. This incredibly unique product is packages in a matte white dropper bottle with a pipette dispenser. This packaging is pretty standard for a serum and it looks very clean. 

I have to say. I'm a huge sucker for skincare-makeup hybrids! I couldn't wait to get my hands on this product because it is so unique! I have not idea how it is even supposed to work but it does! Their serum claims to have no silicones, which after first use you can tell, there is definitely no silicone in the this formula. It is clear and feels exactly like a serum! It has a cool and water-like texture that absorbs rapidly into the skin. You are to use this serum AFTER your moisturizer, just as you would with a primer. Initially I thought this was so weird, how would that work? I'm still not sure but it still absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't leave a residue or cause any pilling to happen to the moisturizer. I feel a whole pipette's worth, is way to much, you really only need about a "nickle sized" amount (approximately 4 or 5 drops). 

When you apply it to the skin, it feels very cool and refreshing. It feels like there is nothing on the skin but when you start to apply your makeup, you notice the difference! Your skin feels smoother, as you apply your base products, you won't feel it right away but you'll notice that product just applies smoother and sits on the skin nicer than it used to. The weird part is you don't feel or see the product, it just works its magic behind the scenes! I really love that it increases the longevity of my makeup but it is still treating my skin and it doesn't feel like an extra layer of product. This product does not control for oil very well, so I recommend setting your face with a powder. With a powder this product maintains a long-lasting and smooth finish to your base without feeling heavy. 

My skin seems to be improving daily with this product. I notice the texture of my skin improving and it has a little more glow than it did before. This is probably because instead of covering up my skin skin with layers of product, I am treating with a light-weight and breathable serum! My dry patches have started to disappear and my skin feels refreshed!

If you hate the feeling of silicone primers or if you just don't bother with primers because of the extra time and layer, you will love this! I don't wear primers daily because I forget or it's just an extra step I don't want to do but this primer is also a serum, so I never seem to forget to apply it. The skin treatment aspect and the invisible feeling makes me want to use it daily! I love the way REN formulates their products, they are all about using non-toxic and quality ingredients to really treat the skin. 

This is such a innovative solution and alternative to traditional primers! I can't believe someone hasn't created something like this before! As a person who likes to have light layers of base products on, this is a dream come true! You can really get a natural finish to your makeup and have all the benefits of a primer without the feeling of extra product on your face! My dry skin is always happier with less layers on, this product feels just like a serum! I can see this being amazing for summer, when you can't stand having product on your face! This is a great addition to anyone's makeup and skincare routine! It really does both jobs so well and I couldn't be happier with the results!

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