| Review | Elemis x Misha Nonoo Luxury Travel Collection

| Review | Elemis x Misha Nonoo Travel Collection 

I recently had a week long vacation/business trip while normally I would have a difficult time packing my skincare, I was very luckily sent this beautiful travel set from Elemis. They recently collaborated with US designer, Misha Nonoo to create a beautiful travel bag and luxurious skincare travel set! 

I can't get over how beautiful the pattern and design is! The bag itself is very big and can store a ton of products! It is made out of a very sturdy and high quality fabric, that is also very easy to clean. I literally stored all my hair, skincare, and body products in this bag! Many of my beauty products weren't travel sized either! You can watch my full packing video for a different trip here. 

The Elemis Luxury Travel: Essential For Her retails for $104.00 USD (value is $157.00 USD) and it is available at here, at Elemis. There is also an amazing little FREE Gift with Purchase (see below or in my Youtube video).

Inside this kit contains some of Elemis' best products in travel sizes, including: 

Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser (30ml)

This creamy cleanser is very mild and very little fragrance to it. The fragrance is like a fresh herbal scent. It is very gentle and has a very creamy texture perfect for dry and sensitive skin types but can really work for all skin types! It doesn't foam at all, it maintains its creamy lotion-like texture which is so gentle and luxurious. I am a big fan of cream or milk cleansers because they gently cleanse the skin, so my skin doesn't feel tight or stripped of nutrients. While on my trip, I developed a rather large blemish on my chin. I was kind of horrified but after using this cleanser and skincare routine, my blemish cleared up overnight! It was barely noticeable by the next morning! 

Balancing Lavender Toner (50ml) 
This toner is so soothing and gentle. I often don't like using toners because they are so harsh and strip my skin of any oils or nutrients on top of my skin but this one is very refreshing and feels like it is contributing to your skin, instead of stripping it. 

White Flowers Eye & Makeup Remover (28ml)
This dual-phase makeup remover takes away pretty much everything. The oil breaks down heavy eye makeup and mascara easily. It is very gentle and doesn't have much of a fragrance from what I can tell. This is a pretty standard dual-phase makeup remover. It does leave an oily residue which I don't mind because I plan on cleansing my face after anyways. 

Papaya Enzyme Peel (15ml) 
This peel helps SO much when you are traveling! After being on a plane and braving the elements/other environment hazards, my skin was looking dull and sad, not to mention it wasn't feeling great either. After using this peel for 10 minutes, it was like an instant facial! My skin looked fresh, glowing, and hydrated! Plus the papaya scent is amazing and makes it feel like you're on vacation! If you need the full size of any of these products, this is the one! 

Pro Collagen Marine Cream (30ml) 

This lightweight cream feels very refreshing but also very hydrating. I use this day and night but I still feel like there is a lot of product for a travel cream. The cream has little to no fragrance to it so it is perfect for sensitive skin types. This cream will work for all skin types and it is so gentle. My skin feels very soft, plump, and hydrated but also prepped for makeup.

Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream (50ml) 

This shower cream is the most luxurious body cleanser I have every used! I have tried many other high end body cleansers but they don't feel as luxurious or worth the high price. This shower cream has a lotion-like texture and it doesn't foam or bubble. It feels very hydrating and gentle but I still feel very clean after my shower. The creamy texture combined with the incredible soft floral scent that makes it the ultimate luxury body cleanser! A little goes a long way and it just makes me feel so pretty and pampered! 

Frangipani Monoi Body Oil (35ml) 

This is a beautiful body oil is the perfect accompaniment to the shower cream. The beautiful floral scent with the light oil texture makes it so luxurious. Not only does it hydrate my skin, but it adds a beautiful glow without feeling greasy. I must say, if you are like me, and you crank down the temperature in your hotel room so its extra cold, this oil will turn solid. So you will have to bring it back to room temp, so you can use it. I love this luxurious body oil! Typically, these body oils are not very travel friendly but despite this one being in a glass bottle, i find it very travel friendly. The glass bottle is very sturdy and thick. Like the shower cream, I feel so pretty and pampered when I use it! Definitely, one of my favorite products from the entire line!

Despite all these products being travel sized, you get a lot of product for the value! This little set should last me several trips and as I have done quite a bit of traveling for work it has really come in handy! I have to say, I really adore all the products in this kit and it makes packing so easy for me because I don't have to decant products or decide on what I should bring. All the products work so well together and encompasses all my skincare needs, form head to toe. I love the chic bag that it comes with. It literally stores so much product and keeps it very safe for travel! I couldn't be happier with this kit. I highly recommend it as a gift or for those who travel often!