| Review | Erborian Bamboo Lotion and Waterlock Masque

Review | Erborian Bamboo Lotion and Waterlock Masque 

Erborian contacted me about trying their summer skin savers and I was beyond delighted to try them! If you haven't heard of Erborian it's because they are relatively new to the US market. This brand is a Korean skincare brand with a French twist to their products. This beautiful line has been raved about a lot online for it's amazing products and I must say, these lived up to the brand's tremendous hype! 

The Bamboo Matte Lotion retails for $34.00 USD and is available at Sephora and Erborian. This unique dual-phase powder and liquid product preps your skin for skincare and makeup, ensuring a more "matte" finish. The finish is not completely matte or dry, I find it does an amazing job at controlling oil and preventing movement of any makeup. Although I have dry skin, this does not dry my skin out but it actually feels very refreshing in the skin! It feels like applying a toner or essence and the scent is really fresh! I love the way this product smells, its very fresh and energizing! I like using a cotton pad and applying it all over the face. Again, you really don't feel the "powder" portion of this dual-phase product on your skin but you definitely feel and see a difference after you have finished your
makeup. I used it before a long night out with some friends recently and although it was quite hot out, my makeup really stayed in place and the Bamboo Matte Lotion really controlled any oil that would normally breakdown my makeup! I am so impressed with this product! I never thought with my skin type, I would ever like a product that claimed to be mattifying but this product works so well on all skin types! I can see why this is one of their summer skin savers!

The Bamboo Waterlock Masque retails for $43.00 USD and is available at Sephora and Erborian. This unique gel mask can be used as a hydrating mask or can be used as an overnight mask! This refreshing gel has the same scent as the Bamboo Matte Lotion, its very fresh! The mask feels amazing after you have been in the sun for a long time because it is very soothing and cooling on the skin. It is very hydrating but doesn't feel heavy or greasy! The last thing you'd want in the summer is a heavy greasy moisturizer for bed time! I love using this as an overnight mask, since my skin is on the dry side, it really keeps it hydrated and feeling amazing. I also like it as a prep step before my makeup and skincare for a little extra hydration and pampering! A little product goes a very long way with this so it is well worth the cost. 

Overall, I am incredibly impressed by both of these products! Since I haven't  tried a lot of K-beauty brands, these Erborian products have really opened up a whole new realm of skincare to me! I honestly can't believe I have been living without the Bamboo Matte Lotion for so long! It really is an incredible and unique product that works so well! It is definitely a summer staple for me and I would purchase it again and again! The Bamboo Waterlock Masque is also amazing and being a huge fan of overnight masks, this one is one of my top faves! Some other ones I have in my collection tend to be a bit heavy but provide around the same kind of hydration. These two products have really changed my skincare routine and makeup prep routine! I highly recommend both of them to all skin types! 


  1. Oh Liz I can't wait for my no buy july to end. I will definitely get the bamboo matte lotion