| Review | Men's Grooming with Manscaped

Review: Men's Grooming with Manscaped 

Men's grooming is obviously something that doesn't come up often on my blog, however I wanted to share this very special male grooming kit from Manscaped. I honestly have the worst time tying to shop for gifts for my boyfriend. Every holiday I am a stressed out mess trying to find a gift for him. This is an amazing gift for any gentleman in your life, especially with Valentine's Day coming up next month. 

Now, Manscaped curated their products specifically for a man's most sensitive area. Yes, I mean below the belt but because these products are created for that area, they are gentle and safe. However, these products are so versatile they can be used on other areas of the body, as well!

My boyfriend, Eric, always tells me how horrible it is having to shave his face everyday and how irritating it is for his skin. He shaves everyday because he wants to look well groomed and the hair regrowth is very irritating to his neck. I love Eric's facial hair but it requires a lot of maintenance. This kit has everything he needs to maintain his sometimes unruly beard.

The Perfect Package kit is available on Manscaped.com for $76.00 USD. I have to say it is a incredible deal for the products, devices, and tools included in the kit! The Perfect Package kit includes: 
  • Invigorating Body Wash Loaded with Vitamins
  • Residue-Free Deodorant Moisturizer
  • Performance Ready Toner and Refersher 
  • Porfessional Grade Personal Clippers
  • High-Quality Double-Edged Safety Razor 
  • Set of Disposable Shaving Mats

  • Bonus: 
  • Water-Resistant Travel Bag 
  • 5-Piece Stainless Steel Nail Kit 

The brand aesthetic can only be described as "dapper". The vintage and classic vibe in addition with the masculine design of the packaging, not only, looks great in your bathroom but will make your man feel like a real gentleman.

The Invigorating Body Wash (8 fl. oz.) is a thick clear gel that suds up very easily. The scent is very refreshing and masculine, It smells very fresh and clean, I really enjoy this scent on my boyfriend. The scent also lingers for a while but isn't overpowering, According to Eric, this product makes him feel very clean. Although a very effective cleanser, this vitamin infused cleanser is still gentle and non-stripping on the skin. 

The Residue-Free Deodorant Moisturizer (4 fl. oz.)  is a light-weight scented moisturizer. The "residue-free" descriptor in this product is due to to its matte-like finish. It leaves the skin hydrated but without the shine and tacky finish that a typical moisturizer offers, The tackiness from typical moisturizers causes residue and particles to stick to skin but this moisturizer prevents residue from sticking to the skin. Eric hates putting product on any part of his body, especially moisturizer because he hates the sticky feeling on his skin but he actually loved this product! I was pretty blown away that he would use this moisturizer but it has really helped him alleviate the dryness on his skin. The fragrance is the same fresh scent from the Body Wash and it doesn't irritate his skin. 

The Performance Ready Toner and Refresher (2 fl. oz.) is a refreshing liquid in spray bottle. The spray is very fine and used for refreshing the skin. This a great alternative to deodorant. It helps the skin feel clean and less icky. This product is perfect to throw in your gym bag to freshen up or when you don't have time to shower. The fragrance is the same as the other body products in the line, it very fresh and energizing. 

The Professional Grade Personal Clippers are very high quality and unique clippers. These clippers have ONE attachment! This shocked my boyfriend at first but then we discovered that the one attachment is adjustable! It has five adjustable settings and can be removed completely if you wanted. Eric loved this aspect because it made the device so portable and it actually has more versatility than his previous clippers! His previous clippers only had 3 attachments and the attachments had to switched out. The size of the device is very easy to store and runs on a single AA battery.

The most exciting part of this kit for my boyfriend was the High Quality Double Edged Safety Razor. This an old school razor that your grandpa would have used to shave. Eric has always admired his grandfather for being such a dapper and respectful gentleman. Using this razor reminds him of his grandfather and makes him feel as just as dapper. Its durable and classy with heavy weight that exudes high-quality. Eric loves the history behind the style of this razor and the sophistication of using a true gentlemen's razor. It excited him that there was so much tradition behind the razor and it gives an easy and close shave. 

The High Quality Double Edged Safety Razor comes in its own sturdy plastic case with a mirror inside, great for traveling. The razor itself, is very luxurious and heavy. It feels very significant and high quality, much better than the plastic razor with replaceable heads that my boyfriend was using before. The shape and style of the razor allows you to get a super close shave and full control over your movements. The weight of the razor allows you to use less pressure while shaving and cause less skin irritation. My boyfriend recently suffered a bad hand injury, leaving his dominant hand incapable of doing anything for more than a week, but he was still able to use this razor with his non-dominant hand to get a very close shave! The razor comes with a additional razor blades and easy instructions on how to replace them. These razors are more environmentally friendly because you only have to replace the blades, as opposed to disposable plastic razors or plastic razor heads, that cause more waste.

The Shaving Mats are designed to catch all the hair and mess involved in shaving. They are made of newspaper with fun a little witty cartoons and tips for shaving. These Shaving Mats align well with the brand's style and aesthetic. It seems gimmicky but its actually very useful! Its such a pain to clean up little hairs around the bathroom counter everyday, the little hairs are difficult to pick up and end up in little crevices everywhere. Now, the clean up is so much easier.

The 5-Piece Stainless Steel Nail Kit is a very high quality nail grooming kit. The nail clippers have a nice weight and a sturdy feel. The trimming scissors have a rounded point, to prevent hurting yourself and can trim stray hairs very easily. Additionally, you get a nail file and pick for cleaning under and around the nails. The tweezers are sharp with a straight edge, great for tweezing even the finest hair. I actually like stealing these tweezers for myself. This kit is all packaged in a very beautiful and sophisticated faux leather case. Its a very nice bonus and good addition to the grooming kit.

The Water-Resistant Travel Bag is a very high quality bag to house all your grooming products and tools. It is made of a synthetic material that is very resilient for the man-on-the-go. My boyfriend just throws this bag into his luggage, backpack, or gym bag without a care because it is so sturdy. The bag is quite large and includes a small pocket and a larger zippered pocket inside. It really holds everything a man needs.

Overall, I think this grooming kit is a steal for the price! The clippers and razor alone are worth the price of the kit because they are so high quality and versatile. This kit really has everything a man needs to groom himself and it makes a lovely gift. Manscaped also offers 100% money-back guarantee! So a full refund within 30 days! I honestly can't see why anyone wouldn't love this kit. My boyfriend has been enjoying using the kit everyday. He loves the travel-friendliness and sophistication of these products.

**This set was given to me for review purposes.