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Review: IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel 

I was sent this product from Influenster and IGK Hair for testing purposes but all my opinions are my own. If you haven't signed up for Influenster yet, you should! Its a free program for anyone to join and receive products to review! Anyone can do it, you don't need a big following or a blog but the more you have the better! You just register and connect your social media accounts, answer some "snaps" (questions), and post reviews on their app. The more you do, the more likely you will be sent a box every month! Click the link here to sign up:

IGK is a brand I had never heard of until I was sent these products. Here is a little info about them.

About IGK Hair (off Sephora's website):

This line of luxury hairstyling products comes from IGK, a brand founded by in-demand stylists from New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. Inspired by the of-the-moment trends happening in their culture capital cities, IGK offers hair care for the modern generation.
The IGK Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel retails for $27.00 USD for 5oz of product and is available at Sephora. The product is packaged in a plastic squeeze tube container, it makes it easy to control the amount of product being released. The packaging is very aesthetically pleasing and photogenic. Clearly made for today's digital age of image sharing and Instagram. I really feel the packaging reflects the brands aesthetic and style. It is very cool, casual, and trendy. 

This coconut gel is described on Sephora's website as: 
What it is:
A coconut oil-infused gel to create hydrated, undone hair. 

What it is formulated to do:
Inspired by the international jet set kids, Rich Kid's moisturizing properties give you the hair you've always wanted. Reap the nourishing benefits of coconut oil in a weightless formula that moisturizes and conditions, leaving hair with a natural luster and softness. Ideal for fine to normal hair, it replenishes lost nutrients that could cause hair to be weak, dry, or damaged. 
The instructions direct you to apply this product to towel-died hair and for optimal separation and hydration, you should allow your hair to air-dry. Like I said in my review of the Conditioning Oil (review here.). I am a lazy person when it comes to hair. So I love products that make me look like I put in a lot effort into my hair, when I actually just slept instead. If you also love your sleep, then your going to love this product. 

Initially I was very confused about the function of this product. Is it a oil in gel form? Is is a hair gel? What is this mysterious product? Well, like Sephora's website states, its a hydrating styling gel that creates an effortless undone effect. You know the "model off-duty hair". Its a little messy, undone, beachy and its the latest hair trend on and off the runway. The scent is the same as the Conditioning Oil, it is reminiscent of a very fresh unisex fragrance but it doesn't linger at all in your hair.  

After towel drying your hair thoroughly, make sure it is only damp, squeeze a nickle size amount into your palms and scrunch it through your hair. The product is a bit sticky like a gel but it is also very creamy, capable of smoothing out flyaways. I will add more as I feel I need it but because of the creamy nature of this coconut gel, it doesn't make your hair crunchy or sticky. It gave my pretty much straight hair some texture and wave to it. To enhance the beachy/wavy effect, I like to tie my hair up in a messy bun and let it dry that way. Before I go to bed, I just take my hair out of the bun, fully dry or not, and sleep. The next morning my hair is effortlessly, LITERALLY, wavy and gorgeous! In the morning, my hair is fully dried but isn't sticky or crunchy, like the effect from traditional gels. My hair is still soft and maintains a natural look but with more texture.

 I love products like this, that style while you sleep! Isn't that a dream? I used to use a gel-creme product that was kind of similar from L'Oreal but it has long since been discontinued. Since then, I hadn't found a product quite like it but now I have a new favorite! I don't feel the need to use my curling wand because my hair already looks so good! Occasionally to get more curl, I will use my curling wand on random sections of hair and the gel helps it holds its shape. 

Another way I like to style my damp hair is scrunching this product throughout my hair and twisting and pinning it up. Create twists with chunks of hair; use larger sections of hair if you have fine hair, like mine, or use smaller sections for thicker hair. In the morning let all your twists out and you have beautifully wavy hair! You can also get more curl to your hair if you do tighter twists or smaller sections. 

This product also works very well on dry hair. Using a little at a time, you can use it to smooth flyaways or tame baby hairs. I have a halo of flyaways and it drives me crazy but using things like traditional gel or hairspray can cause your hair to feel sticky, crunchy, or heavy. This feels light and is pretty much undetectable if used with moderation. You can also use this to create texture in dry hair. I like to scrunch some into the ends of my hair for a super piece-y/separated look to either straight, wavy, or curly hair. It really helps define the layers in my straight hair, making my hair appear styled when I didn't really do anything. 

Curly haired beauties, I haven't forgotten about you! This product would be perfect for defining your already beautiful curls and smoothing any frizz you have without compromising your soft bouncy locks!

Overall, I love being able to style while I sleep! I love the piece-y/separated, wavy, beachy look it gives my hair with just this single product. Its what I strive for on a daily basis but with very minimal effort. This product is so versatile and you need so little to style your hair. When I run out of this product I will definitely be purchasing another tube but I don't see myself finishing this product for a long time, even with daily use! Its such an easy and effective product to get my hair looking chic while hydrating it!  

Lazy friends unite! Let me know about your lazy hair routine. What are your favorite products for styling while you sleep?

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