| Review | By Terry Sun Designer Palettes in Light & Tan Vibes and Tan & Flash Cruise

If you haven't seen images of these stunning palettes... DIVERT your eyes!! You will fall in love with these beautifully crafted palettes! I mean just look at the intricate chevron-like embossed pattern!

The By Terry Sun Designer Palettes are available at Space NK (and soon other retailers) and retails for $82.00USD for 15g of product. Yes, that is crrraaazzzyyy expensive but if you have ever looked at By Terry products, this is not out of the norm. By Terry's line is next level luxury and these summer palettes are no exception.These are limited edition face palettes released only for summer.

These palettes are encased in a beautiful black, white, and orange patterned plastic case. The pictures do not do it justice. When I opened it, immediately said out loud, "oooooohhhhh... " The packaging is mesmerizing and very appropriate for summer. Although it is a plastic packaging, it feels very secure and sturdy, yet very sleek.They also come with a deep purple velvet pouch. 

The palettes are split into two sections.Both sections are highly pigmented and very soft in texture. However, because the powders are so soft, they kick up quite a bit of powder when you dip your brush into it. This is a bit annoying if you want to use a single shade, without mixing colors, it makes this difficult because the powder from the other shades migrate into the other colors. The texture of the powders are highly blendable, so do not fear its strong pigmentation. The wear time is very long, depending on your skin type, it will last 6-8 hours.

The left side of the Light & Tan Vibes palette contains a bronze highlighter (top), a pink blush (middle) and a champagne highlighter (bottom).

  • Bronze Highlighter: This a shimmering light bronze shade, very reminiscent of the bronze half of the Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo in Moodlight
  • Pink Blush: This blush is a very shimmery peach-pink blush with a  strong gold shimmer. This is the next level NARS Orgasm Blush
  • Champagne Highlighter: This is a very shimmering champagne highlighter with a pink duo-chrome. Its incredibly beautiful and versatile because it has a champagne base, so the pink isn't so stark. This is much softer than the other shades and it is very pigmented. I initially applied too much and I had to try and tone it down. 
The right side of the Light & Tan Vibes palette is the larger side of the palette contains a matte cream highlighter (top), a matte neutral pink blush (middle), and a satin warm bronzer (bottom). 
  • Matte Cream Highlighter: This is a light warm cream shade that can be used for highlighting, cleaning up your contour, or toning down your blush. On a medium skin tone, like mine, you can get away with using this shade as an under eye setting powder.
  • Matte Neutral Pink Blush: I call this a blush because it looks beautiful as a neutral blush but it is equally beautiful mixed with the bronzer, just to add a hint of pink. 
  • Satin Bronzer: This bronzer is not completely matte, it does contain some micro shimmer, but isn't noticeable on the skin. It is intimidating at first because it is so pigmented, but just work in layers, applying a little at a time. It does blend out very easily, so do not fear it's pigmentation. Although it is warm, it doesn't have strong orange tones and can be used to sculpt the face.

The left side of the Tan & Flash Cruise contains a stunningly bright trio of blushes. A bright warm matte pink (top), a bright electric satin coral (middle), and a electric cool satin pink (bottom). 

  • Warm Matte Pink: This shade is a fresh warm pink shade without being fluorescent. It is the most versatile of the blush shades, working with a variety of looks. 
  • Bright Electric Satin Coral: This shade is fluorescent! I'm pretty sure you can use it to guide yourself at night. It is a beautifully pigmented blush but when applied lightly in layers, it gives a beautiful warm flush. This will definitely be the star of your look!
  • Bright Electric Cool Satin Pink: I thought I wouldn't like this shade because it appears so cool but when applied to the skin, it is a fresh pop of color! It blends very nicely into the skin and doesn't appear too cool toned for my skin tone. All these blushes are very pigmented and need to applied very delicately with a light hand. 
The right side is the larger side of the  Tan & Flash Cruise palette contains a matte cream highlighter (top), a warm satin bronzer (middle), and a neutral satin pink blush. 

  • Matte Cream Highlighter: Like the light palette, this is a warm cream shade, slightly darker than the light palette. It is great for light to medium skin tones for highlighting or cleaning up contour. 
  • Warm Satin Bronzer: This bronzer contains microshimmer, but does not translate very much on the skin. It just gives the bronzer a natural finish. It is very pigmented and darker than the bronzer from the light palette. Again, there is no need to fear the pigmentation. The texture is very soft and blends in beautifully into the skin. Although, it is warm, it doesn't contain orange tones and can be used to sculpt the face. 
  • Neutral Satin Pink Blush: Again, I call this a blush because this is how I like to use this shade. This one seems to have microshimmer in it but doesn't translate to skin. It is also beautiful mixed with the bronzer to add a hint of pink. 

Overall, I think these palettes are beautiful, inside and out. They blend so well into the skin and they have incredible pigmentation! They are expensive, however, you gt a lot of product and you need to use very little for each application. I can see the Light & Tan Vibes palette working well for fair to medium skin tones and the Tan & Flash Cruise palette will work well for fair to tan skin tones. Unfortunately, I can't see the Tan & Flash Cruise palette working for a dark skin tone because the right side (cream highlighter, neutral blush, and bronzer) isn't dark enough for darker skin tones. The blushes would be stunning on a dark skin tone, but it would be a waste not to use the other side (larger side) of the palette. I highly recommend these palettes if they suit you skin tone! This seems to be the season for face palettes and this one is very high quality. 

Did you buy these palettes? What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments below (*Posting a comment: if you do not have a blog or google account, please use OpenID and type your name in the box.*)  Chat with me on Instagram, lets talk about summer collections! 


  1. Love the swatches! I have to place an order soon.

    1. Thanks, darling! I hope you get these, they are worth it!!

  2. Oh they are beautiful, and very detailed review as usual, almost tempting enough to place an order, but I'm holding on for the tom ford, haha....

    1. thank you, sweetie! I'm glad you liked the review! I have a review on the Tom Ford one as well! Its really hard to choose between the two. I love how unique these By Terry palettes are from all the face palettes that have been released this season.

  3. Thanks for the review and pictures. I bought the tan and flash palette and all the powders have micro glitter in them. Does the light one have so much micro glitter as well?

    1. yes, both palettes have a bit of micro glitter but the real shimmer comes from the blushes and highlighter side.

  4. I'm a guy, I'm more to taned, olive skin.I concerns that the palette would be to shimmery as it seems it contains tons of micro shimmer.Could u pls advise me to choose between the two?i tried the light&stan,although the gold shimmer blends very well with the skin,but u have made a point the bronzer doesn't show much.What do u think? Thanks

    1. If you have olive skin, I think the tan & cruise palette will work much better for you. Also, the blushes do not contain as much shimmer as the light palette. I find the light palette to have quite a lot of shimmer to it. The bright blushes lean more towards a satin finish. I really hope this helps!