| Review | Beam Team... The New Strobe Cream?

Review: Beam Team Hydrate + Glow

If you don't already know about Estee Edit, it is Estee Lauder's younger and trendier line promoted by spokesmodel, Kendell Jenner and social media star, Irene Kim. So if you thought Estee Lauder was for old ladies, think again! They've brought their beauty game up to the next level with a collection of makeup and skincare curated for the new generation of beauty consumers. The collection is a Sephora exclusive line and the promotional videos makes this line hard to resist. 

"Rule breaker. Risk taker. Estee Lauder built her beauty empire by preaching “Beauty is an Attitude.” Now The Estee Edit brings you new beauty attitudes, inspired by Estee, curated by our Guest Editors of the moment–created by YOU. Wear it. Share It. Own It. #beautyattitudes "

I was most intrigued by this product, Beam Team ($50.00 USD for 1.7 fl. oz./.05 oz.), a skincare-makeup hybrid. An illuminating and hydrating cream in the tube and a illuminating balm in the cap. Here is the product description and claims:

"Beam Team Hydrate + Glow is a double-duty double-decker—hydration with two levels of illumination in one product. It’s a complexion hybrid, meaning it creates an instant change in how your skin looks while simultaneously delivering skin care ingredients. The tube holds an amazing, illuminating moisturizer with hyaluronic acid that gives an instant glow. Plus, the touch-on concentrate under the cap gives you a high-impact shimmer."

Let's briefly talk about packaging, I have no complaints. The tube is sleek and slim. The packaging is easy to squeeze, yet sturdy. 

Now the part you've all been waiting for, the product. The hydrating cream is more of a illuminating primer than a skincare product. Although, moisturizing, I can not call it "hydrating." I have tried it alone on clean skin without any other skincare, to see its hydrating properties. Although my face did not feel dry, it did not feel hydrated throughout the day. The cream is quite smoothing, which is why I would call it a primer. My skin felt soft, smooth, and ready for makeup. 

The cream itself, has a golden pearl running through a sheer beige cream. It is very reminiscent of MAC strobe cream ($33.00 USD for 1.7 fl. oz.) but golden. However, I find strobe cream more hydrating and closer to a skincare product than Beam Team. The golden pearl is incredibly flattering on my medium-tan skin tone but is it worth $17.00 USD more than strobe cream? No, definitely not. There is nothing particularly special bout this illuminating cream.

I have tried this product alone, over foundation, over CC cream, and mixed with both. I have to say, my favorite way to use this product is mixing it in with your chosen base. I find that when mixed in, it makes a difference in the appearance of my skin. My skin looks glowing and smooth, however, not different from any other illuminating liquid or cream. With my CC cream over it, my face was very glowy, almost wet looking. This product will definitely give you the appearance of hydrated skin but so will any illuminating product but its hydrating properties are lacking.

But wait! There's more! That's right with the Beam Team you get a...

"touch-on concentrate under the cap gives you a high-impact shimmer."

This part of the product is laughable, gimmicky, and a disappointment. Their description couldn't be more inaccurate! As you can see from the heavy swatch above, this illuminator is balm texture and is very sheer. The shimmer in this product is masked by the shimmer in the cream. When paired together or alone, the illuminating balm is more like a face gloss. The shade is also a warmer golden shade than the cream. If applied heavily on a fair skin tone, it may be too golden-bronze.  Honestly, I can do without this portion of the product. I would much rather have more of the cream. So if you are looking for high-impact shimmer, turn else where.

Overall, for $50.00 USD I could not recommend it, even though it is a nice product. I wanted this product because of the promise of a skincare-makeup hybrid and did not see any skincare properties, nor feel them on my skin. It is a beautiful shade, however, you can probably find a golden illuminator for a fraction of the price. In fact, Estee Edit has a liquid illuminator, Flash Illuminator ($28.00 USD). 

These are just my thoughts, let me know what you think about this line and the products. Connect with me on Instagram and we can chat! 


  1. The cap thing is rather gimmicky. Sad to hear these didnt live up to expectations, they def should have thrown in some skincare properties at that price!

    1. Right??! The highlighter in the cap is a waste of space, they should have just stuck to the cream. I definitely think if they make skincare claims, then the product better perform! Especially if you are charging skincare prices!